A Break In October

Kristin, Rebeccah, Megan, Kelly & Marika at the ranch.

Our fall break is coming to an end and we had such a nice and enjoyable week.  The weather was beautiful and we found some fun things to do and keep us busy.  The girls had an opportunity to go horseback riding one afternoon.  They have gone to this place the last couple of years and have always come home saying, “I want a horse!”  That translates to, “we had a good time.”   My friend Karin, drove the girls to this place in Jordon, which is about 40 minutes south of here.  She loves to ride horses too, so she was willing to take all five girls on her own.  Usually when they go on this trip, they are put with a group and they just follow in a line of horses on the trail.  This time, they got their own private guide and just the six of them went down the trail.  At one point, the guide stopped and asked the girls if they’d like to trot.  They all said, “Yes!”  What fun they had, but Megan came home saying that her “tush” hurt from that.  All that bouncing, I guess.

Trotting down the trail.

On Thursday, Megan went bowling with her friend Emily, so Kelly and I took in a movie.  We went and saw “Dolphin Tale” at our local theater.  This was a neat movie that Kelly was itching to go see.  She saw the previews for it back in the spring and told me that she just has to see it.  This movie was based on a true story about  Winter, a dolphin who washed up ashore in Florida and they had to amputate it’s tale in order for her to survive.  It turned out to be a real educational story that wasn’t too cutsie.  I was happy about that.  At the end of the movie, they showed real footage of the rescue and her recovery.  They also gave a website that you can go to and watch Winter, live on her webcam.  So Kelly and I have been checking in on her each day.  Fun!

While Nate & I were watching the Wild game one night, we could here the girls upstairs giggling.  We weren’t sure what they were up to ( we don’t always check on them anymore).  So after the game, I went upstairs to see what was going on.  I found them giving each other makeovers.  They were having so much fun, I hated to interrupt.  Turns out they were finished and ready for their photos.  Let the glamour shots begin!

Our salon is equipped with step stools.

highlighting the lips.

Looks like a scene from Project Runway.

Ready for the Red Carpet.

Friday came and the weather was perfect for our outdoor Corn Maze trip.  Sunny, no wind and 60 degrees.  This year the theme at the maze was, Out Of This World…a space theme.

So cool how they make these.

We spent about an hour walking around the maze trying to find the A-Z markers and learn a little about outer-space.  We didn’t learn a whole lot, mainly because we kept going in circles.  I have to say…Kelly was in charge of the map….I’m just saying.  ha~

This is marker B...we never found A.

I think we’re lost...again.

Look who we found in the maze!

There were lots of other events going on out at the corn maze.  They had a petting zoo, hayrides, a large slide, food & music, hay bale maze, jumping pillows and a tent filled with waist-high corn to play in.  We spent three and half-hours going from one thing to another.  Lots of fun and just enjoyed being outdoors on such a fabulous day.

Kelly & Lizzie bouncing around!

Kelly & Lizzie hang out in the corn tent.

Megan, Kristin & Rebeccah get in on the fun.

Looking down at the hay bale maze.

After a day of hanging out in the corn, we decided to stay outside some more.  Nate went to the store and picked up some brats and we ate them in while sitting in front of the bonfire.  Perfect way to end the night.

Enjoying a tasty dinner.

Today is Sunday and we are enjoying the Vikings game….for now anyway (it’s only the first half).  They are keeping up with the dreaded Packers and we can only hope that they come out the second half playing like they did in the first half.   This seems to be a problem for the Vikings this year.  I am wearing my Viking shirt for good luck.

Tomorrow we had back to school until Thanksgiving break and the week is looking busy.  Everything was put on hold due to MEA break and it will all start up again and we will go about our business as usual.  So that means back to basketball practices, religion classes, piano lessons, band & choir practice, etc….I may start keeping track of how many days until that next break.

Country girls.

Our Astronauts



  1. Looks like you girls had a great week. I am not looking forward to back to school. I will have to check when Thanksgiving break is. I missed you girls this week. 😦

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