HalloWine Time

Our witches brew for the night.

Last night was our first HalloWine Happy Hour.  I invited my co-workers and some close friends and their husbands over for a night of fun and laughs.  And boy…did we have the laughs and so much fun.

Nate & I  supplied the wine and we asked that our guests bring an appetizer to share.  We also said that their appetizer must be related to Halloween.  I’m so glad that we did this, because our friends were so creative and their food was delicious!  Megan & Kelly were in charge of writing name cards for each appetizer, so we could read what people brought.  Some of our friends needed the girls’ help and asked them to come up with a creepy name for their dish.  My table looked so cool with all of these “spooky” dishes and creepy names.  I have to share a few of these with you.

Spider Dip

The Great White Pumpkin

Desserts to “die for”.

Graveyard Smash!

Dawn’s Skeletal Scones

Those were just a few pictures I have.  Some other dishes were called, Bloody Joes, Pumpkin Guts, Mangled Peach Salsa, Turkey & Swiss Zombie Wraps, Spider Silk Pie, Fish Innards, and Art-i-choke My Green Chilies (don’t ask).  Some of it was actually hard to eat because of it’s name…that’s halloween for you.

Getting ready for the party was the fun part.  Kelly came with me to Party City and helped pick out certain items that we needed, such as wine glasses with skull & crossbones on them.  We found some other fun stuff that my sister Peggy had suggested and has used for her parties.   Bracelets with “wicked, spooky, & freaky” on them.  Each guest picked out what they were feeling like and wore these all night.  Spider rings are a must have and silly games like rolling the ball into the hole on the skull head.  Simple but fun.  The girls & I wore flashing necklaces & earrings that we had found as well.  We found a cool spiderweb tablecloth that we used at the food table & black cheesecloth was used at the wine buffet and Megan put cobwebs all over.   It looked great.

Buckets of fun!

The hostesses from start to finish.

A couple of my friends brought me a hostess gift.  They had heard about my “crappy” Wednesday (pun intended) and thought they’d help me out so that if this type of day happens again…I’d be ready and protected.  They’re so thoughtful!  ha~

My new look! I just need the mask & goggles to make it complete.

Our friend Verna came to the party and a little mouse told me that it was her birthday the next day.  So I quietly pulled out a candle and we happened to have chocolate cake on the table so we broke out into “Happy Birthday” and surprised her.  She’s a young pup…only 31!

We miss Verna at Hidden Valley.

It was nice having the husbands over as well.  I think they would’ve felt left out and it was really nice getting to know these guys.  We all talk about our husbands, so it was good to be able to put a face with the name.

Steve & Nate enjoy some “scary brew"

Renee & Jean having a hot-flash! Ha!

Ruth, Mary & Laura share “ghost” stories.

Karin & Becky toasting to Bon Jovi Wine!

The designated driver, Heather and her husband Jason. She’s pregnant w/twins.

Laura & Sheri showing their ‘wicked’ smiles

I think everyone enjoyed themselves at our first HalloWine Happy Hour.  I think if we have one again next year, I’ll have to just call it our HalloWine Party.  This years Happy Hour started at 5:30 and lasted until 11:00!  A sign of a good party when your guests don’t want to leave.

Wonderful Friends!



  1. SO fun Cathy! Still wondering how you met Karin…. I remember her from LONG ago! You are so creative and fun!

  2. I’m glad everything turned out! Looks like a fun time. Mine is a happy hour because people come right from work (and I have co-workers who get off work at 3:30 p.m. so it has to start early). The last person didn’t leave until after 10 p.m. though! I read that you opened the JBJ wine. I hope you got to have some!

  3. Now that was creative! I love it, it’s like my St. Patrick’s Day party. I make the Irish Stew, and the guests bring a food or beverage that is green. We get really fun stuff!
    Happy Halloween! Elizabeth

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