Miss Manners

Beautiful banquet table.

Today at school, Kelly’s entire sixth grade class had a “Manners Banquet.”  They have been working on and learning about proper etiquette and manners at the table, for the past two weeks.  Their teacher made placemats for each of their desks.

So fancy!

They moved their desks all in a row to form a long table that they would all sit at.  They were told that they needed to dress for a formal dinner, so no jeans or t-shirts were allowed today.  They all looked wonderful and the girls were pretty and the boys quite handsome.  This was the part of the banquet that we parents enjoyed most…seeing them all dressed up.

Kelly & Lizzie hanging out.

The first step at the banquet, was for each child to get all the utensils, plates & napkins needed to set their place and put them in the proper place on their mat.  After everyone had the perfect table setting, it was time for the first course.  Two kids were chosen to be “host & hostess” and passed out the soup on their trays.  The parent volunteers also helped, to keep things moving.  The soup was actually apple juice with pomegranate seeds floating on top.  It looked beautiful & very fall-ish.  They were asked to gracefully sip their soup and to try the seeds.  Most kids seemed to enjoy the pomegranates.  Good for them for trying!   This was talked about during their prep for the banquet.  What to do if you don’t like something…either say, “no thank you” or try a little.

Kelly gets ready to try the soup.

The second course was bread and butter.  This was an area that I was not familiar with.  Apparently, you are suppose to take some butter, put it on your plate then pass the butter on.  You then tear a piece of bread, butter only that piece, then go ahead and eat it.  Keep repeating this process until the bread is gone.  Hmm…not sure anyone really does this, but okay Miss Manners, if you say so.

The third and final course was dessert.  This was very cute.  Each person was given a Zebra Cake (which is a Little Debbie snack cake).  I don’t think any of them had any problem saying “no thank you” to this one.  The hardest part of this course, was to not eat it too fast or put too much in your mouth at one time.  A good lesson to learn, nonetheless.  Eat slowly and enjoy.

While eating tonight at dinner, we noticed how well mannered Kelly was.  She even asked, “May I be excused to get ready for basketball?”  Wow, I hope this keeps up!   Now as for Megan and her table manners….well, that’s another blog in itself.



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