Light Up The Season!

Nicollet Park Commons

Last night, the girls & I (and friends) went out to watch the Holiday Lights Ceremony at the Nicollet Commons Park in Burnsville.  It’s  an annual lighting ceremony that we have never been too.  Usually it is so cold out, that we tend to stay in the comforts of our warm house.  Last night however, it was 50 degrees out, so off we went.  It started out as a “girls night out” with Megan, Kelly and our friend Sheri and her daughter, Rebeccah and my coworker, Jean…who has two boys, but just wanted to go out last night.  We started the night out by going to a local restaurant called, “Jo-Jo’s”, which is located across the street from the park.  We hung out inside enjoying a variety of drinks.  Megan & Rebeccah tried something called a “Carmel Snap” which was a warm coffee drink.

Table for two

Kelly got a special carmel drink that they made especially for her, it did not have coffee in it.  Very similar to a “Snowdrift” that Caribou Coffee makes.  They loved them!  We grown-ups enjoyed glasses of wine, cheese & crackers and a mini pizza (we did share the food with the girls).

Mothers & Daughters

As we were enjoying our night, another co-worker (our music teacher), Mrs Owens & her husband Jeff, walked in.  They were on a date and celebrating the refinancing of their home.  That’s what they told us anyway.  The too, have a daughter, but she is only 8 months old, so she was at home with Grandma.  Maybe next year, she’ll join us on our mother/daughter night.

The more, the merrier!

While hanging out and just having a good time, another surprise came through the door.  Carolers!  There were about ten of them dressed in their coats & hats.  They came inside, stood in front of the fireplace and started singing Christmas Carols.  They stayed about ten minutes, then left and came back again later so we could enjoy another round of music.  It was wonderful to listen to them and it really got us in the mood for the holidays.

Burnsville Carolers

Since this was our first time going to the ceremony, we were a bit confused about what time the lights would be turned on.  We had three different people, telling us three different times.  So of course, we missed it.  We looked out the window and it was too late…the lights had been switched on.  Ooops….we were having such a good time inside, that we didn’t mind.

We found the power year, we’ll light em’ up on our time! ha~

We finished our food and drinks and our friends, Mrs. Owens & her husband had to leave as did our friend Jean.  So we said goodbye to them and Sheri and I took the girls over to the park to get a close up look at these wonderful trees all lit up.  We spent about a half-hour walking amongst these beautiful, sparkling lights.  It really put us in the holiday spirit.  Of course, Sheri and I had our cameras out and the girls turned it into a photo shoot opportunity.  They posed in front of them all and it made Sheri & I laugh out loud.  They were so cute and having such a fun time.  It felt like we were in a winter wonderland…minus the snow and cold.  How perfect!


Next Top Models

Sheri & I in front of this huge tree!

I think we have found a new tradition.  We all had so much fun that we can’t wait to do it again next year…who knows…maybe the boys might get invited next year too…but then again….maybe not.    🙂

Rebeccah, Kelly & Megan w/a colorful background

Having fun with our daughters!


  1. I want to come next year. If boys are not invited I will leave Michael at home. Please Please Please.
    Looks like a lot of fun!!!!!

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