A Slumber Party

Last night, Megan had her birthday party.  She will turn 14 this Wednesday.  She invited six of her good friends to spend the night and they had a good time just hanging out, watching movies, playing games and of course, lots of talking…as teenage girls will do.

They started their night out by attending the Junior High dance, which probably helped tire them out a bit.  They said there weren’t as many kids at this dance like others, but they had a great time and such fun just socializing with their group of friends and now, boyfriends as well.

Nate & I drove over at 9:30 to pick them all up.  When we got home, I frosted Megan’s cake (at 10:00) while they all got settled in downstairs.  The girls decided that they wanted Megan to open her presents first, so we watched that and had lots of laughs while she went through those.  Our favorite was watching Megan open Kristins’ gift.  She wrapped it in tissues paper then used duct tape rather than regular tape.  It was hilarious watching Megan try to open that!  Great idea.

Good luck opening this!

She got some very nice gifts from her friends, including iTunes gift cards, bath & body lotions, cd’s, hair accessories, and most importantly…candy & gum.

The goods!

After gift opening, we headed upstairs for cake.  Megan, for the second year in a row, couldn’t blow out all of her candles.  She left three lit this year!!!  All of the girls told her that they were going to tell Matt (her boyfriend).  Funny~

Oops, still three left Megs!

The cake was done, now it was time for the slumber party to begin.  We said goodnight, but I did get one last sentence in before they headed down.  I shouted out, “I don’t want to hear any of you after 2:00!”  They all responded…”okay.”  It must have worked, because they were all very respectful and kept to a low volume all night.

Earplugs to help me sleep.

This morning, I was sneaking downstairs to let Jazz out for a bathroom break.  I quietly opened the door and found all of the girls awake and chatting in a circle.  I was surprised to see them up already.  We told them that we had donuts & juice upstairs.  Within a few minutes, we had a table full of girls enjoying some treats to get their day started.

Breakfast in jammies!

Megan told us this morning, that she was really happy she had a birthday party.  “It was fun, thank you.”   Now that makes me smile.  She’s such a wonderful girl with great friends.

Emily, Beccah, Andra, Courtney, Megan, Kristin, Noelle



  1. Since I can’t be with you, it was so much fun looking at these pictures! Thanks, Cathy. Happy Birthday, Megan. It looks like you had a great birthday party!

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