Megan’s Birthday

I have been getting pressure by friends that I am not keeping up with my blogs lately.  They’re right.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I seem to be too tired at night.  So this weekend I will get you all caught up.  I’ll start with Megan’s birthday.  On Wednesday, Megan celebrated her golden birthday.  She is now fourteen years old!  As tradition goes, we always go out for dinner at the restaurant of choice.  This year, Megan picked a Japanese restaurant called, Osaka.  We enjoyed a Hibatchi-style dinner cooked right in front of us by a Japanese chef, who really put on a show for us.  Megan invited two of her best friends (Rebeccah & Kristin) and their parents to join us.  The more people you have, the more fun it is and you don’t have to share a table with strangers.  So we ended up with 10 of us sitting around the grill.

Now that’s a hot grill!

We started our dinner off with soup & salad.  Then our chef showed up and started to grill some fried rice.  This was so delicious.  We could’ve enjoy this as our entire meal.  The chef took an egg & balanced it on his spatula then twirled it on the spatula before throwing it up in the air and landing it in his hat.  Cool!   While we were enjoying the rice, he had the adults drink Sake shots from his squirt bottle and the kids had water shots from his baby bottle.  This was so funny to watch.  Some of us were good with this, others had liquid running down into their laps.

Nate was the best at this. He said it brought back college memories.

Megan gets a shot from the baby bottle. ha~

Next, it was on to the sesame noodles, meat and vegetables.  We all got to taste-test these, in a very different way.  The girls had their noodles placed above their mouths, while he made them reach up to grab their meals.  Poor Lauren, she tried to get her noodles, and then he dumped them on her face.  Good thing Lauren has a good sense of humor, she thought it was pretty funny and we all could laugh along with her.

Open up Lauren!

Kelly leaned way back to avoid noodles in the face.

Our tasting of the vegetables was interesting as well.  The chef chopped them up on the grill and then put a piece on his spatula, then tossed it across the grill and we had to catch it in out mouth!  Hilarious to watch.  We all looked like baby birds waiting to be fed with our mouths wide open.   This was not an easy task for Megan.  I happened to be sitting next to her and I ended up with a lot of vegetables bouncing off of me.  Finally, after four or five attempts, she caught her zucchini.

When dinner was finished, we heard a big gong go off.  This signaled that there is a birthday in the house.  Lights started spinning and the song Happy Birthday started up, which we all sang & clapped along too.  A waitress brought out their traditional birthday head for Megan to wear.   She was a good sport as well, and put it on while I started taking pictures.

Love that look!

It was a very fun night out and the food was delicious.  I think she’ll remember this Golden Birthday~

Can you spot the b-day girl?



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