A Night With Shakespeare

William made an appearance.

On Thursday night, the Enrichment group from Hidden Valley performed the play, The Taming Of The Shrew, by William Shakespeare.  Kelly was very excited to be a part of this play.  She didn’t get the part she wanted, but she did a great job as one of three narrators.  She knew her lines, plus the lines of most every other part in the entire play.  She has a gift for memorizing and this came in very handy for her teacher, Mrs Sommerstead, because she took Kelly on, as her Assistant Director.  During practices, Kelly was off-stage helping the actors with their lines, if and when they forgot them.  A huge help!

Kelly narrated in a beautiful gown.

This was one of the funniest Shakespeare plays that I have seen.  All of the kids were great at their parts and were easy to understand.  Sometimes I have problems understanding the “thee’s & thou’s” in these plays.

There were many male roles in this play.

The dance scene.

They practiced over a month before performing for the entire school.  They did three shows during school and one show for the parents at night.  Kelly said that performing in front of their own sixth grade class, was the most difficult because they were all a little nervous to see their peers out in the audience.  There was a wedding scene and Kelly got to play the Wedding March on the piano during this scene.  Her piano teacher will be thrilled to know this.

Kelly w/good friend Kirstyn...who played a servant.

Tallory, Marika & Kelly stay late for pictures. ha~

The show on Wednesday, was taped for them.  So on Friday afternoon, they got to have a cast party and watch themselves on the big screen.  This was a lot of fun for them.  Gave them a chance to relax, enjoy some treats and congratulate one another on a wonderful job.  All of their hard work, really paid off.

The cast & good friends.

They are done with plays for this year.  Kelly is already looking forward to trying out for plays and musicals next year in Junior High.  Break a leg Kel!

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