Christmas In Minnesota

Love seeing grass in December!

When you think of Christmas in Minnesota, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is…snow.  This year, we have been given a gift (or at least, I think so).   We have no snow on the ground, the temperatures have been hovering in the high 30’s to mid 40’s for a couple of weeks now and all we see is brown grass.  For those of us who have to travel, this is truly the best present you can ask for.

Last night was Christmas Eve.  At our house, it is tradition that we go to church at the 4:00 mass, eat a nice dinner, then open our presents.  Every year, one of the girls always tries to break tradition by asking, “Can we open presents first and then eat dinner?”  This year is was Kelly.  Once again, the answer was, “No…sorry.”    I kept her busy by having her help make the appetizers for Christmas at Aunt Terry’s.

A Festive Cheese Ball!

We opened our gifts one by one and once again, were very surprised and delighted at what was before us.  This was the first year that both girls went shopping at the mall for their gifts.  They typically shopped at the St. John’s Shopping Spree after church one Sunday, but both have outgrown that and going to the mall is way more fun!  Megan bought me a nice zip-up sweater and Kelly bought me the new Janet Evonovich book.  Love them both!    Nate got a scarf from Kelly and a movie from Megan.  Great gift ideas!

Always a good read!

27 Dresses. One of his favorites.

The best part of the night was watching the girls open their last gift.  They started unwrapping their boxes and the letters HP started showing.  They both looked at it and new what it meant, but were certain that it was a fake box.  They continued (without speaking) to open the box, only to find that there really was a laptop inside each one.   They were speechless for a few minutes until reality hit them and the smiles & cheers began.   Such fun to watch them get so excited.  Nate & I were pleased with our purchases.

Kelly still can’t believe it’s real.

Today is Christmas and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and having teenagers in the house, we didn’t get to these stockings until 9:45 this morning.   There’s no more of this getting up quickly to see what Santa brought, now it’s just sleep in and we’ll get to it later.  Ha~     I still love seeing the girls in the morning with their stockings, peeking inside to see what is there.  Megan’s favorite item was her eye-lash curler.  Kelly was thrilled to find a Slinky inside.  And Nate always fills the stockings with yummy candies and this year was no exception.  I will enjoy them this week while relaxing with my book.

Still waiting for the girls to wake up...

Good morning girls!

This afternoon, we drove over to my sister, Terry’s, house and enjoyed a wonderful ham dinner that she cooked to perfection.  She claims that she’s never cooked a ham before, but I have my doubts.  It was juicy and delicious.   The rest of the family was there and brought appetizers, breads, salads & desserts.  We were stuffed, as usual.

Our Mommy-to-be is looking & feeling great!

Our hostess with her boys.

Courtney was home from college.

We had a special guest join us this year.  Sandra’s mom, Gloria, was here in town from Puerto Rico.  It was really nice visiting with her and I really think she enjoyed her Minnesota Christmas.   With no snow…it must have reminded her a bit like Christmas back home in Puerto Rico.  Well, at least, I like to think so.

Megan, Kelly, Sandra & Gloria chit-chatting on Christmas.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas this year and spent it with family and friends.  The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, but they can also be a wonderful and fun time as well.  Thanks again Terry, for a wonderful family get-together.




  1. I could’ve borrowed Nate my 27 Dresses Movie. Darn! If only I had known it was his fav! Thanks for making it a fun Christmas Solbergs and for the great food you brought! It was my first ham- I swear!

  2. Would that be a “bone-in-ham?” Loved hearing about all your gifts… bet your girls are THRILLED with their laptops! Fun!

    Happy New Year my friend!


  3. Cathy,
    I loved seeing your Christmas pictures!! The girls must be so excited about their
    lap tops!!!!!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. I love reading your blogs. You guys are so great! It is fun to see how you take every little thing and make it great. I bet you were excited the girls got laptops too, now you can have your computer back. Are you sure Terry baked that ham???????
    I am so happy you had such a great Christmas!!!!!!

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