A New Year Has Arrived!

Nate & I played around on my iPhoto Booth

Happy 2012!!!   We had a lot of fun bringing the new year last night.   This year was a little quieter than most because we stayed at home and celebrated rather than going to our friends house, like we have in the past.  Megan, however, did have plans and went to her friends house where she & her girlfriends rang in the new year together.  We texted to her at midnight to wish her a happy new year.  Kelly invited her friends, Lauren & Marika to spend the night and celebrate with us.

Nate had planned a Prime Rib dinner about a week ago because it needed some prep time before we could eat it.  He found a recipe that called for the meat to be dry-aged, which meant that it sat in the refrigerator with cheesecloth over it for eight days.  Then he adds a dry rub of mixed herbs all over the meat and slow cooks it for a few hours on low heat in the oven.

Kelly helped put on the rub.



This was the juiciest and most tastiest meat that I can remember enjoying.  You barely needed a knife to cut through it.  Nate & I enjoyed a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino, which was a perfect compliment to Prime Rib.  We rounded out the meal with fresh zucchini & yellow squash, stir-fried in olive oil with a touch of parmesan cheese and a baked potato.  This beats eating appetizers all night long, by a mile!  I vote we do this every year.

A plate of goodness!

While Nate & Kelly were preparing the meat, I whipped up a batch of homemade Baileys.  This is a favorite recipe of ours and we usually make it this time of the year and enjoy it all weekend long.

I love my Bailey’s!

Nate didn’t just stop at dinner, he also made a fabulous dessert that we enjoyed later in the evening (we were way too full after dinner).  He made a Banana & White Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding.  This was not a low-calorie dessert, but hey, it’s new years and you’ve got to have some fun!  This recipe was your basic bread pudding with one exception…it called for banana liqueur, which meant that he needed to ignite the liqueur in the pan to burn off the alcohol.  Okay, I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous to watch him do this, but it worked and he didn’t lose any eyebrows over it and our kitchen is still in tact.  I actually video taped the process and took a picture.

Nate working the flambe’!

It was cool!   The bread pudding was delicious and turned out perfect.  We decided that we should only eat this once a year though, otherwise our pants won’t fit for too long.

Love it!

When we finished eating dinner, Megan left for her party and Kelly’s friends arrived for ours.  Marika was kind enough to bring us a gift of Swiss Chocolates & a nice card to go along with it.  Very sweet of her.

Had to sample these too!

It was only 7:30, so we had plenty of time or rather…I needed to do something to stay awake until midnight.  So Nate & I watched one of our favorite movies, “When Harry Met Sally” and Kelly and her friends, did makeovers up in the bathroom.  They had so much fun putting on makeup and doing their hair.  They kept busy at this for three hours!!

Bathroom, turned Salon.

Who are these cuties?

Told them, “Show me attitude!"

When they were finished, they certainly looked like they were ready for a New Years Party.   They joined us downstairs and I poured glasses of Sparkling White Grape Juice for all.  We counted backwards from ten and watched the ball drop in Time Square.  It was Lauren’s first time every seeing the ball drop and she was so excited.  When it was over, she says, “That was it?”  ha ha~  We laughed at that and told her, “Yep, that’s the big deal you’ve never seen.”   How funny.

Having fun at midnight!

What a fun and enjoyable night.  I hope you had a good time wherever you spent New Years Eve.

Happy New Year!    I look forward to another year of blogging!     Cathy~


  1. Whoe!!! Your prime rib turned out better then ours. We love medium rare, more on the rare side, ours got a little too done.
    Nate is quite the gourmet cook! Happy New Year…..looking forward to 2012 blogs!!

  2. Look at you two with your ipod booth,you make me laugh,no wonder your girls are always posing for photos,hehehe. That meal looked divine,did you just take a straw to that pitcher of baileys or did you share with Nate.The girls looked like they had a fun evening.Happy New Year

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