Starting The Week Off!

We’ve had a busy Monday and Tuesday already this week.  On Monday night, Kelly had her first band concert of the year over at her school.  The first half hour, the fifth grade band played and the sixth graders played their music the second half.  It’s always amusing to us at how large the fifth grade band is, compared to the sixth grade band.  They all start out excited to play in fifth grade, but the band ends up half the size by the next year.

Kelly’s new instruments!

This year, the music department got a set of timpani’s for the percussion section.  Kelly got to be the first person to play these.  She did a great job and really had some powerful sound coming from the back of the band.  All eyes were on her during this song.  It was fun to watch her having fun on these timpani’s.

On Tuesday night, Megan and I had tickets to the Wild hockey game.  We started our night out by going to dinner at a restaurant called, Burger Mo’s.  This is a burger joint about two blocks down from the Excel Energy Center, where the Wild play, that I have been wanting to try for some time.  So last night I asked Megan if she was interested in a hamburger and she said yes.  So off we went.  We ordered the Mo’s Burger Basket and we were not disappointed.  The hamburgers were delicious and Megan enjoyed hers with a raspberry malt to top it off!  What a delicious way to start out our night.  Good food and good conversation.  It’s fun hanging out with my teenage daughter.

The Burger Basket. Yum!

Megan couldn't wait to dive into this!

One thing I found interesting at Burger Mo’s was this updated jukebox.  There were no buttons on it, just a touch screen.  It looked so “futuristic.”  But here it was, sitting right next to me.  Of course, I think it cost a dollar to play a song nowadays.  No quarters allowed here!

So sleek looking!

Then it was off to the game.

Sitting in our seats at the Ex.

The Wild were playing the San Jose Sharks.  It’s been a tough month or so for the Wild.  They started their season out so well, but have been going downhill ever since.  So I wasn’t  expecting to see a win, but hoping for a good game.  Again, not disappointed.  We thought it was a sure win with only 3 minutes remaining, the Wild were up 4-2.  Then the Sharks scored two goals within a minute to tie the game.  Grrr….  The game ended up going into overtime and then into a shootout.   Lucky for us, we got two goals past their goalie to win the game.  What a nail biter!   And we got free hats for attending the game!  It all turned out okay.

Megan & I sporting our Wild hats.

It’s been a fun and busy start to the week and our second half of the week is just as busy.  I will be sure to blog about it on the weekend.


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  1. Cool hats! Glad you girls enjoyed the game.That Mo Burger meal was a monster ,I think we shall have to check out that place, looks fun.How amazing that Kelly gets to play the timpanisi hope she continues playing at ERJH next year.

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