Babies R Us!

I loved this cake! So creative~

Today, Megan, Kelly and I went to my nieces’ baby shower.   Lindsey has about 3 1/2 weeks left until her due date (February 7th) and she is doing well and looking fabulous!  The shower was hosted by her mother-in-law, Dee, at her house in Hastings.   Lindsey’s theme for the baby is Dr. Seuss, so this room we were in, was decorated in this manner.  It was adorable and beautifully done.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures.

Books & poems all around the room.

I think these are burp cloths. Cute idea!

Lindsey is a pharmacist, so she works every-other weekend.  So rather than trying to find dates for showers, she combined three of them into one day.  She had both sides of the families present as well as her girlfriends.   This resulted in lots and lots of gift opening!  Lindsey did a great job and kept the presents flowing at a good pace.

Should’ve used my panoramic setting to get them all in!

The girls and I bought Lindsey the diaper bag that she had registered for and a rattle & teething ring to go inside.  We all liked her choice of a diaper bag and decided that it was one that Zach could carry around and not be too embarrassed about.  It’s not “cutsie” like some diaper bags can be.

A “manly” color.

One of Lindsey’s favorite gifts came from Aunt Terry & Grandma Sailer.  A diaper genie!  She was thrilled when she opened this.

A must have for every new parent.

Gifts from Peggy & Nikki Sailer. A Lorax blanket.

How cute are these?

She certainly got some very nice gifts and some fun Dr. Seuss things to decorate the baby room as well as decorate the baby.  There were Dr. Seuss blankets, pictures, figurines, a Grinch house, and even a Dr. Seuss onesie for her to wear.  Very fun!

On the back, it says, “Grinch” on the butt! ha~

The shower was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.  But I have to say, my favorite Dr. Seuss thing of all, were these two boys who came dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They had blue wigs too, but wouldn’t keep them on.  I manage to snap a photo of these two while they sat on Lindsey’s lap.  I had to be fast!

The next time we see Lindsey, it will be at the hospital with her new baby daughter.  I can’t wait!  We are all waiting to find out what name they have chosen.  That’s still a secret….but not for long~



  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE! How fun to go to that shower with your girls! You guys do the funnest stuff together….( I know funnest isn’t a word!)

    Love the Dr. Suess theme. Thanks for sharing, Cath!

  2. I’ve read enough Suess to understand his groove,
    And of “Funnest”, I’m sure, he’d most certainly approve!

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