A Scientific Fact

The Grand Prize Ribbon!

Today was the Hidden Valley Science Fair.  Kelly, once again, participated in this event and has earned herself a first place ribbon and a chance to compete in the State Competition in Mankato this spring.

Kelly’s project was called, Do You Hear What I Hear?  She tested which age groups could hear the broadest pitch range and which heard the slimmest pitch range.  She used an app on her iPod Touch to conduct the tests.  She tested her Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Megan, friends’ sister and the neighbor boy, Brady.  She needed a variety of ages and we all fit in different categories.

Her results were interesting.  She found that the youngest “ears” could hear the broadest pitch range, while Grandpa came in last place, with the slimmest pitch range (sorry Grandpa).    Kelly’s hypothesis for these results, is that she believes the youngest age group has been least exposed to loud sounds that could damage their hearing, whereas the oldest age group have been exposed for many years to loud sounds, which can cause hearing damage.

Kelly had very nice compliments from her four judges.  Lot’s of inspiring words and  positive feedback.  One judge even wrote, “best project of my day.”   How great is that!

We’re off to Mankato on April 28th and I will follow up then on how Kelly’s day goes at the State Competition.  Yay Kelly!



  1. Wow to Kelly! What amazing research she did! I especially love the beautiful board presentation she put together… looks so organized and tidy! I am SO impressed!

  2. Hey1 I want a retest!! Retest!! Way to go, Kelly.
    (Boy, do I have a test waiting for you…)

    Good work…GPa

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