Kelly’s Birthday Party!

Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy 12th birthday!

Last night was Kelly’s birthday party/sleepover.  She had six of her girlfriends spend the night.  They all came over around 3:00 yesterday afternoon so that we could head up to Plymouth where we had reservations at Sky Zone…an indoor trampoline park.   I took Megan & Kelly here last summer and they had such a good time, that Kelly decided that it would be a fun birthday party idea.  The floors and walls are covered with trampolines, there is a dodge ball area and a foam pit for doing flips and dives into also.   What kid wouldn’t love this place!  They got to jump for 90 minutes and boy were these girls tired after that.  Red cheeks and sweaty foreheads.     This morning I even heard a couple of, “oh, am I sore from jumping.”  Megan brought her friend Emily along and they told me last night, that they were very tired.  Ha!

Kelly did a splits jump!

Niki bounces off the wall trampoline.

The girls form a star around Kelly. Cool~

After the Sky Zone fun, we headed back home.  Kelly’s friend, Lauren, had a special request for dinner.  She asked for Nate’s pizzas!  She has good taste and Nate was happy to oblige.  As soon as we got home, he had to get to work making dough and assembling them for eight hungry girls.  He once again, didn’t disappoint.  They were delicious and he got rave reviews.  Whew, his reputation was on the line.

Prepping before we left.

Doesn’t that look yummy!

A happy table of girls.

The gift opening was done downstairs and the girls had an unexpected guest….Jazz wanted in on this event.  Probably because everyone was sitting on the floor, so they were at her level.  Her tail was wagging the whole time and she was giving out Jazzy kisses the entire time.  ha~

Jazz thinks she’s human sometimes.

Kelly got wonderful gifts from her girlfriends and even a card that played music and lit up!  Gifts included a bracelet, lotions, iTunes gift card, Target gift card, shirt with jewelry to match and one of Kelly’s favorites…nail polish.  She can never have too much of that.  Very thoughtful from everyone.

A hilarious card!

As always, the birthday person get’s to choose a cake of their choice.  This year, Kelly wanted me to make her a Boston Cream Pie.  I found a recipe in my Food Network Magazine, tweaked it a bit, and it turned out fantastic.

I got rave reviews too!

Big sister,Megan & Emily taking a Slushie break.

One of the best things about Kelly’s birthday this year was the weather.  It was an amazing 65 degrees on March 10th and the girls all wore shorts and tank tops.  Usually we’d be running through snow, wearing boots, coats and mittens.  We liked this much better.  Perfect for a March birthday party.

A great group of friends!!!



  1. What a fun birthday spot! I also loved the pizza and Boston Cream Pie….ohhhhh yum! Kelly, the sun must have been shining JUST for you that day!

  2. Wow look at Kelly jump,what an amazing way to spend her birthday.That cake looks ooey gooey yummy what a feast no wonder jazzy was around a little pizza please!

  3. I have Kelly’s birthday as March 20th — not the 10th! I thought I missed it again!!
    Not nice to do this to me — my memory is bad enough:)

  4. Sorry Mom, but with two girls in sports, we had to make it early this year. Keep your March 20th date, that’s the correct one. ha~

  5. Looks like a fun place! We will have to check it out this summer.
    Happy Early Birthday Kelly!

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