Jazz Notes

Monday, Jazz had surgery number two. She tore her cranial cruciate ligament and now has a metal plate & screws in both of her legs.  She had this same surgery done, a year ago on her right leg.   They told us that it is very common to have both legs tear ligaments, we just thought that meant a couple of years apart, not a couple of months apart.

Jazz has been walking on three legs since late October and we have been feeling bad about that, but needed to save a little for this next operation.  We were assured that she wasn’t in “super pain.”  Sorry Ter…

She pulled through her operation with flying colors.  And speaking of colors…take a look at this cast she earned!  Kelly had put in a request for a green cast this time around because she had a pink one last time.  So when I picked her up, I couldn’t help smiling when I saw this bright red one with notes all over it.  The gal was excited to tell me, “They made her Jazz Notes.”  We love it!  A designer cast that fits her name.  Too cute~

Not sure how they did this, but it's adorable.

Well today is day four and she has already managed to get her cone off one time and traveled up one set of stairs…A big No-No!  Nate says she’s getting a little more assertive in her old age.  I agree.   I also realized last night, that I have been overdosing her for the past three days.  I went to give her her medicine last night and realized that the one bottle is almost empty and it says to give it to her for seven days.  There weren’t enough pills in there for seven days.  Then I decided to read the label.  Ooops, suppose to give her half a pill each time.  I was wondering why she is feeling so well, so quickly after her surgery.  Ha!   Luckily, it was the anti-inflammatory pills rather than the pain killers that I was overdosing her on.  That won’t hurt her any.   Sorry Jazzy!

Unfortunately, she has to enjoy this beautiful 79 degree day, inside the house.  Every time I let her out to go potty, she lays in the grass, like we’re staying here.  We have to keep her on a leash to prevent her from running, so when she lays down, I have to yank the chain a bit and tell her sorry, we’re not staying.  Poor thing.    Then it’s back into the house and put on the “cone of shame.”   She’ll thank us in the end when she’s happily running around on all four legs this summer.   She truly is our “bionic dog.”

"Not happy with us".

Now it’s my turn to go out and sit in the sunshine!



  1. Well, I have screws and plates in my foot and knee also….poor Jazz..she doesn’t understand (although that doesn’t make it any easier:) It is so clumsy and uncomfortable! Now my screws are protruding (as the swelling went down) and the plate and screws will have to be removed because they rub against a shoe…very painful! They said my foot wasn’t fat enough!!! (How do you get a “fat foot”? Just love her up….that does help! She is certainly not thinking about next summer….just wants love NOW!!!

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