The Irish In Me

Wearing our Irish Green!

Tonight, Nate & I were invited to our friends, Beth & Jack Lauber’s house for an Irish Happy Hour.  Of course, Nate is Norwegian/Swedish and I am German, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating with our Irish friends.  Beth certainly loves to celebrate her Irish roots every year and annually attends the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Paul with friends.  This year’s St. Patrick’s Day, here in Minnesota, was a bit different, being that it was 80 degrees today!  Yes, I said 80!  We have been shattering record temps by 20 degrees all week and it’s been wonderful.   So when it came time to dress for our happy hour, I said to Nate, “I don’t think I have anything green to wear.   I only have green sweaters because that’s what we’re usually  wearing on March 17th.”  I wasn’t alone.  My friend Tracy, who was at the party, actually went out today and bought a green shirt to wear.  ha~  We Minnesotans aren’t prepared for this!

Jack & Beth Lauber...our Leprechaun friends.

Beth & Jack had a really nice set up in their garage, right down to the gold sparkle on the green painted floor.  Jack made these delicious reuben quesadillas that were a perfect irish appetizer.  Beth told us that he actually made his own sauerkraut.  Wow!  We filled up our bellies with appetizers and drank cool beverages like it was a summer evening in July.  The perfect night for a get together with friends.

Juli, me, Tracy & her husband Mike.


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