Happy Birthday Kelly!

What does March 20th mean to me?  Well, it’s the first day of spring of course, but Kelly will tell you differently.  Yes, it’s her birthday and she turned twelve years old this year.  She started her day off by bringing treats to school for her class.  She chose chocolate cookies that we bought from the grocery store.

After school, she did her homework (yes, we still made her do that on her birthday) and then opened presents.  Her big gift this year was a cell phone.  Megan got her phone in 6th grade, so Kelly was anxious for this day to come.  Nate actually took her out last Friday night and she picked out the one she liked and has been using it daily.

Finally...the cell phone!

Some other gifts she received were a movie from her sister (Get Smart), an Xbox game (Guardians of GaHoole), a basketball necklace (they sell pretty jewelry at her tournaments..I couldn’t resist), and a iHome clock radio system.  She was very surprised to get this and told us afterwards, “I’ve been wanting one of these, but didn’t want to ask because you got me a computer for christmas.”   ha!   The clock radio that she had been using, is at least five or six years old, that she got as a birthday gift from our dear friend Dawn.  It was an M&M clock radio and Kelly loved it!!  But it was time to replace and update the model. (pun intended)   I think Dawn will approve.

Looks good in her room.

After gift giving was over, it was time to head out for dinner.  Kelly chose Olive Garden for her restaurant.  I love anything Italian and so does my family, so we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a great family night out together.

Birthday dinner!

Kelly was craving Chicken Alfredo, Megan had Lasagne, I had Parmesan-Crusted Steak over pasta and Nate enjoyed a Grilled Chicken Breast with Grilled Veggies.  You think we’d be stuffed after all that, but we managed to reserve a tiny spot for dessert.  I should say “desserts!”  Kelly ordered this special dessert which had three mini dishes on the tray.  We tried a chocolate mousse, limonatta, and a dark chocolate-caramel mousse.  It was fun to taste all of these and nice to have small portions.

Our three choices!

Birthdays are such fun and we love to celebrate them here in the Solberg home.  I think Kelly enjoyed her day and will be looking forward to next year as well.  Now I can take down that birthday flag and put up my “Spring” flag.  The weather is so gorgeous, I may even jump to the Summer flag!

Cheers to Kelly!



  1. A phone for Kelly! Fun! I bet she’s been using it daily. Love the Olive Garden too. So looking forward to seeing you guys next week.

  2. Oh yes, Dawn approves of the new great clock radio. Very cool!!!!! Looks like a great Birthday Kelly!!! You dinner looks so yummy. all this food stuff is making me hungry for yummy food. I just checked out Nates blog. Oh my, You guys are surrounded by excellent food!!!
    Looks like a cool phone too. I will have to get your number.
    You guys are so good about celebrations, I always admire you guys about that. Celebrate life! Always fun At the Solberg house.

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