Spring Break Tour: Days 4 & 5

Day 4:  Spring Cleaning

We decided to take a day off from our touring around the world and do a little spring cleaning…it was rainy and cold outside anyway.

Day 5:  Greece, Brazil and Easter Island

Hanging out at Perkins.

The girls and I had breakfast this morning with one of our favorite friends…Shelly.  Her son, Ben, came along too.  It is always a good time hanging out with them and they always have a funny story to tell.  Today was no different and Ben had us laughing out loud.  Shelly had a birthday gift for Kelly and the waiters came out with a huge, chocolate-chocolate chip muffin with a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to her.  What a surprise at breakfast!   It was a lot of fun.

Kelly's birthday never ends!

After breakfast, we were off to Greece!   Megan wanted to bring some of her old clothes in to this store called, “Plato’s Closet”.  It’s a consignment store, so she was hoping to get a little money for them.  While we waited for them to look over the clothes, we did a little shopping of our own and some goofing around too.

Doing the "white-man overbite".

So many to choose from.

Megan finds a deal.

She ended up not getting any money at this store, because her clothes were too small, so they referred us to the store across the street called, “Once Upon A Child.”  They gave her $14.60 for her clothes, which worked out perfect, since she spent $13 at Plato’s Closet.  Even steven!

The Greek Philosopher knows clothes!

We did take a quick detour  to the Library of Congress, where we dropped off some old books we thought they might enjoy reading and selling.  We got $16 for them.

Part of our spring cleaning...donating books.

We had a longer wait at Once Upon A Child, so we left the store and headed over to JoAnn Fabrics.  I had found a DIY Easter Project online, that I needed a few supplies for.  The girls helped me gather the supplies and we were off.  When I got home, I assembled my centerpiece and it turned out great.  Super easy and inexpensive.   Looks great on our island….Easter Island!

Looks Springy!

Tonight we headed to Brazil.  We went to the Macy’s Flower Show in Downtown Minneapolis.  The theme this year was Brazil and their beautiful colors.  Their mascot is the Toucan.  He was pretty cool and smelled great!

He's made of flowers & leaves.

We love this annual trip each spring and this year the flowers seemed to be so fragrant.  We couldn’t help grabbing the stems and putting them right up to our noses and inhaling big sniffs.  We probably looked a little silly, but we didn’t care.   That’s what we’re there for….and taking lots of pictures!  Enjoy a few of my many photos.

purple orchids

This tree smelled amazing!

Walking the paths of Brazil.

Calla Lillie's were everywhere in many colors.


One comment

  1. Love the “white man overbite”! lol. Also, loved the outfit that Megan tried on. Is there lots of cute clothes at that store? I have never been there?
    Very cute centerpiece. Wow! You are so talented!
    I have not been to half price books and joann in a long time. Sounds very fun! Did you get any books?
    The flower show looks beautiful! Again, Wow you guys had quite the week!

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