Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

Trying to "feel" our way around.

Today is Good Friday, so we had the day off and wanted to do something fun.  I had purchased a Groupon a while back for a place called, The Mirror Maze.  I thought it looked fun and it is located in the Mall Of America, which I knew the girls would never say no to going out there.

When we got out there, we let the girls do a little shopping around first and told them we’d meet at the Maze in an hour.  Megan and her friend Rebeccah took off one direction, while Kelly and her friend Kira, came along with Sheri and I the other direction.  Kelly wanted to look for sunglasses, so we headed over to Delias, one of her favorite stores.  While Kelly & Kira shopped around, Sheri and I headed out to the main mall and walked around while talking the entire time.  It was fun to see what stores are out there because it is constantly changing.  We even found a wine shop!  We headed in there, of course.  Kelly was successful in finding a pair of shades and also two cute tops.  She used her babysitting and birthday money to pay for it all.  Kira found a spring dress that she will wear on Easter.  They found great deals and cute finds!

Ready for the runway.

With shopping bags in hand, we headed to the Maze.  What a fun time we had in here!  This place was wall-to-wall mirrors and was impossible to find your way around without having your hands in front of you to protect you from running straight into a mirror and embarrassing yourself.   Okay, we still embarrassed ourselves and ran into mirrors constantly.  ha!  I even heard Kelly’s head hit a mirror once and she shouted out, “OW!”  funny~    Before entering the maze, we were given plastic gloves to wear.  This was to prevent getting fingerprints on the mirrors.  At first we thought this was silly, but once inside, we understood the reasoning behind this.  With no fingerprints, there was no way to tell which way was the right way or who was real and who was just a mirror image.  I even ran straight into a guy because I thought he was on the other side of the mirror, turns out there was no mirror there!  I had to apologize to his girlfriend because it looked like we were holding hands! Again, because we both had our hands out!  ha ha!

I love the look on their faces!

please don't let me run into anything!

It looks like a hallway...but beware!

Which two are real?

After a while, Sheri and I were starting to tense up inside this maze.  We knew we were just going in circles. Finally, we ran into Megan & Beccah, who eventually guided us out safely.   This place is such fun, I would recommend it to everyone.  It was non-stop laughter for close to  20 minutes.  Great fun for all ages.

Megan was messing with me.

We all decided that we needed something to drink after all of that, so Caribou coffee was next on our list of stores to visit out at Mall of America.  It was just a short walk down from the maze and we all ordered some yummy coffee drinks.  The girls all like a drink called, Snowdrifts and Sheri & I had Iced Latte’s.  We found some seats and sipped on these for a short time.  They hit the spot after all that craziness.

No mirrors in here!

Megan and Rebeccah did some shopping as well.  Beccah found two tops and Megan got a new swimsuit for this summer.  They didn’t model for me and that’s okay.  They didn’t like hanging around us parents for too long, but we kept in touch via our phones & text messages.   Overall, it was a great way to spend the day and it really was a Good Friday!

Girls at the Mall = smiles!



  1. This looked SO fun- hilarious! BUT Kell… we were suppose to go shopping one of these weekends for sunglasses : ( I want to go to the mirror maze. Too funny! (I also liked “real or not real”)

  2. Wow, I’ll have to look for that place!! I learn about more fun things to do reading your
    pages. Happy Easter!!
    Love, Elizabeth

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