It’s Nate’s Birthday!

Whew, that’s a lot of fire!

We woke up this morning with a little rain/snow mix happening outside.  Nate decided to sleep in, rather than look outside at that on his birthday.  Who could blame him.  Ick, it was nasty today and so cold.  His original plan, was to either go fishing or golfing, but neither of those activities were going to happen today.  But as he told Kelly this morning, “You don’t get to pick the weather on your birthday.”  Good attitude.   So the girls and I headed off to school and left him to a peaceful day at home.

When we got home, Nate had planned his entire dinner for the night.  He started out by making us one of our favorite appetizers…cinnamon apples on top of Triskets with melted cheddar cheese.  They are a fall favorite and fit perfectly with todays cool weather.  He also made the girls a “kiddie cocktail” to go with it, while we enjoyed a glass of Zinfandel.

Dad and his girls.

For dinner, we enjoyed a grilled chicken breast, asparagus and a baked potato.  It smelled wonderful and tasted delicious!  I felt bad that he made his own birthday dinner, but he likes to cook and we enjoyed watching him work in the kitchen.  Of course, the girls and I will be on clean-up duty…it’s the least we can do.  ha~

Sizzling in the pan!

The Chef, plates our food.

We didn’t make him bake his own cake.  I made his favorite (and the only cake he’ll eat on his birthday)…the Black Forest Cake.  Once again, it was so pretty to look at and is very tasty.  We have all come to enjoy this tradition each year on April 16th.


After dinner, it was gift-giving time.  As usual, Nate guessed what most of his gifts were.  I can never seem to surprise him.  He got a new black shirt to replace the old one and as I was taking the picture, Kelly realized that he was wearing a black shirt just like it!   I should’ve gotten a different color I guess, but he likes his black.

Out with the old, in with the new!

His next gift was a new outdoor chair for sitting at soccer games, which he does a lot of.  He got a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey to sip on (to get through some of those soccer games) and a charcoal grill.  He’s been wanting to try out the “smokey” flavor of a charcoal grill.  Megan, Kelly & I are secretly hoping for a grilled pizza!

Cocktail hour!

The captains chair

Let’s get grilling!

It was a fun night and the sun even peeked out for a little while.  You never know what the weather is going to be like on Nate’s birthday. We have had 80 degree weather one year & had to turn on the air conditioning, heavy downpours and had to have a picnic-style dinner on the living room floor, and this year, we had snow in the morning.  At least we have that one constant each year….that Black Forest Cake no matter what on April 16th.

Happy Birthday Hon!  I love you~



  1. Happy Birthday Nate!!!
    We celebrated our April birthdays on Saturday. The beautiful day of the week!!!!
    Molly was 30 on April 12th and Kimberly will be 12 on April 25th. I made a homemade
    ice cream cake, which was a big hit.
    Love, Elizabeth

  2. Happy Birthday Nate. Glad you enjoyed your day. The birthday dinner looks excellent, I bet you can’t get that good of food at the restaurants. The cake looks so yummmy!!!!!!

  3. HEy, drinking is not allowed at the soccer fields. I’ll need to confiscate that bottle immediately!

  4. Oh, and Cath, that little dollup of whipped cream on the middle of Nates cake is a little less then desirable:) Let’s work on the presentation shall we 😉

  5. Hey, since when do you comment on my blog? Nate was going to share that bottle with you, but I’m thinking you need to be nicer, in order to earn a drink.

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