Dashing, Jumping, Scrapping, and Dribbling

Beccah & Megan- track stars!

It’s been another one of those busy weeks for us.  I’m just going to jump right to Friday and tell you about the weekend.  Friday, after school,  I met Nate & my friend Sheri, up at Burnsville High School.  We were going to our very first Track Meet.  Megan joined the track team this year and they have the meets up at the high school.  This is all new for us parents, so we were a little out of sorts, trying to figure out what and where we were suppose to be looking and watching.  We had asked Megan what events she would be participating in and she told us, “100 yard dash and the long jump.”  At least we had that much information, the hard part was making sure you could find the girls and had the right event.  There were two places for long jump and we couldn’t get close enough to watch this, but we could see it from our seat in the stands.  (Note to self…metal stands are cold, bring blanket next time!)  Megan and her friend, Rebeccah did this event.  From our long distance away, the girls looked pretty good.  Second jumps were better than the first, but I think that’s the way it’s suppose to be, if you’re doing it right.  Rebeccah is an ice skater and her first jump looked like she was doing an Axel in her skates.  Sheri & I were cracking up!  Good entertainment for us parents.  But both girls said that they scored about average on their second jumps.  Megan told me that she jumped, 10 feet, 9 inches.  Sounds good to me.  Great job girls!   Megan’s other event was the 100 yard dash.  I had just gotten to the field and found Nate, when he said that Megan was already lining up to do her run.  She took second place!   She came up into the stands later and said, with a big smile, “Did you see my run?”  I was so happy that I had made it time to see her in her first track meet.

Our view from the stands.

Saturday was a fun day for me.   I went scrapbooking for an entire day with my friend Dawn.  I think it’s been about a year since I’ve worked on my albums and I am way behind.  When I was packing all of my things for this event on Friday night, I was looking at the pictures that I would be taking along.  They were from Christmas of 2008!  Yikes!   I managed to finish 18 pages and get myself into 2009.  I’m thinking that I have to put my reading on hold this summer and really dedicate myself to scrapbooking.  Once I get going, I really do enjoy it.  The most fun we had yesterday, was looking at these pictures of the kids from three years ago.  They look so young and so little.  It’s amazing how much they grow in such a short time.   I love my albums and looking through them.  So worth my time and effort.

Dawn, hard at work. Our table was filled with photos!

While I was scrapbooking all day, Nate was once again playing the part of “Sport Dad”.   Kelly had a basketball tournament in Wayzata all day, so he drove her up there and watched three games amongst the other parents on the team.  They did well, winning two out of the three games and losing the one game in overtime.  But it was enough to get them into the playoff game for first place on Sunday.   Nate spent last weekend in Kansas at the soccer tournament with Megan and now this weekend with Kelly, so I was planning on taking her to the Sunday game and letting him take a break.  That was the plan, but I have come down with a horrible cold that I’ve been battling for a couple of days and today seems to be the worst of it and I was unable to go, so once again, Nate had to step in and travel to a basketball game.  He’s been wonderful about it and texts me updates all the time.   The girls battled hard, but couldn’t get the win today but earned a second place medal for their hard work on the basketball court.  Great job girls!   I think Nate should get a medal as well.  I can’t thank him enough.  Kelly has another tournament in a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to give him the weekend off and I’ll do the “Sport Mom” for that one and cheer the team on.

2nd place victory!

So with my title today, I could add, “sneezing, coughing, and sniffling” to it to make it more accurate.  I feel terrible and hope to see a doctor tomorrow to make me well.  I hate being sick~   ah-choo!



  1. I had a wonderful time with you. Thanks so much! I am ready to keep scrappin too, let’s keep it going.

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