Elementary Days

Kelly with her classmate, Olivia.

Tonight was the Art and Learning Fair at Hidden Valley School.  For Nate & I, it was our last Elementary event that we will attend and my volunteer duties will come to an end.  So tonight, we had fun taking a walk down memory lane and going through each grade and reminiscing about Megan and Kelly and when they were young.

We started with sixth grade and headed down to Kelly’s classroom.  They had many projects out on display that they have worked on throughout the year.  One of Kelly’s favorite projects was her latest…making a magazine.  They had to include pages, such as, main articles, advertisements, table of contents, an interview, and even a game page.  Kelly chose to do her magazine on the Amazon Rainforest.  She contacted a scientist, through the internet, who studies the canopy layer of the forest and conducted her interview in this manner.  She sent the questions to the scientist and within a few hours, she had answers to all of her questions.  Ah, the power of the internet.  Her magazine turned out so neat.  It looks like the real thing!  Once she gets it graded, I can’t wait to read it.

I bet she gets an A+ for sure!

Another project that we looked at, was a pyramid that they made while learning about the Egyptians.  This was a group project with four kids in a group.  Each person put together their triangle, with Egyptian artifacts, then they glued the four triangles together to form the pyramid.  Very cool!

After we finished up with the sixth grade projects, it was time to hit memory lane and start walking down to fifth grade, then fourth, and so on.  But you can’t go to the Art & Learning Fair without stopping in at 3rd grade and seeing the crayfish.  Always a favorite!

This was the biggest Crayfish I’ve ever seen!

Kelly made sure to stop in at each of her previous teachers and say hello.  They always enjoy seeing her and catching up with her busy life.  It’s nice when Nate & I get to see her old teachers and hear all the wonderful things they have to say about her.  I think they will miss her and she will have to stop back and say hello every now and then.

Kelly and walked home from school tonight while Nate drove over to pick Megan up from soccer practice.  It was such a beautiful night for a walk and we took advantage of it, by taking our time and walking through the dandelions.  When was the last time you stopped and blew on a dandelion?

Enjoying nature~

I took this with my phone camera! I love it!

What better way to end the night, then sharing some orange sherbet with the sun setting in the background.  I love nights like this.

Orange, like the sunset.



  1. Congratulations, Kelly! You’ve done some great projects. Grandpa and I have enjoyed putting together newsletters the past 20? years and your magazine is so much more! Hope we get to see it. Grandma

  2. Get Out! Kelly, I think that’s a National Geographic mag I read last year! It sure looks like it!! Excellent work! (BTW, I’m available if you need an illustrator. Neat blog!)..Gpa S.

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