Another “Last”

Tonight was our last band concert at Hidden Valley.  It was the Spring Band Concert performed by the 5th and 6th grade bands.  At the fall concert, these bands played separately and for this concert, they combined to form one “monster band”, as quoted by their director, Mr. Sylvester.

What a fun night it was.  They had such lively songs and had many soloist, along with full-band performances.  Kelly had a couple of solo’s tonight.  Her first was playing the woodblock in a song called, “A Chip Off The Old Block.”  I love the sound of the woodblock and Kelly played it so well and kept the beat for the entire band.  It was cool!

She is a ‘chip off the old block’!

She also performed with her fellow percussionist, Talori and their friend Krya.  Kelly and Talori played bells while Krya played the trumpet during their performance of, “Zum Gali Gali” and “Old Brass Wagon.”

The trio!

Nate and I agreed that our favorite song was called, “Mojo”.  It has a cool beat to it and they sounded great.  I was singing along to the “Mickey Mouse March” (memories), and we were all toe-tapping to, “Land of a Thousand Dances.”  This song was fun to watch as well as listen to, because the band was clapping at times and dancing in the chairs to the music.  It was nice seeing them having so much fun while still performing at their best.  This band director really knows how to keep the kids interested while making band a good time.

Kelly introduces the next song.

We’re looking forward to watching Kelly play in the Junior High band next year. We know she’s going to enjoy it a lot!

Kelly goofs around before the show.

Talori & Kelly...our favorite percussionists!

Kelly just likes to be loud!



  1. I want to compliment the director for having the kids wear black! Very professional training!! Does Kelly play flute as well as percussion? What a great job, Kelly! Congratulations. Hope I get to hear you in person some day.

  2. Very nice Kelly! Don’t think of it as your last concert, but just the beginning of a new challenge…Jr. High! Keep me informed of your band concerts-I would still like to see you and Megan perform! “Practice, practice practice”. Your infamous drumming uncle.

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