Mother’s Day

Kelly painted a card for me.

What a fabulous Mother’s Day it’s been.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous today and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  Nate took Megan to her soccer game out in Woodbury, so that I could  relax and spend the day at home.  Since the weather was sunny and 75 degrees, I dug out my lounge chair, grabbed my book, Diet Coke, sunglasses and set out for a relaxing half hour of tanning in the sun.  Jazz, hung out with me on the deck and we enjoyed the sounds of my chimes, gently blowing in the wind.  How perfect!

This morning, after my morning coffee and drying my hair, I was summoned to the living room to open a couple of gifts.  My family is so nice to me.  Before running downstairs, I quickly grabbed my camera (for the blog) and put it on the table, in case anyone would like to take a photo or two of me on my special day.  Nate quickly took it and started complaining about how the battery wasn’t working very well, and I reminded him that I needed a new camera, but do the best you can.  Well, I opened the present, and to my surprise, it was a new Cannon Power Shot Camera!  I laughed so hard and was totally surprised by this.  Perfect idea and a much needed gift.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my camera is always nearby and I can’t live without one.   I immediately charged the battery so that I could try it out later this evening.  I love it and it’s so easy to use.   Since my last camera was a Cannon, I already know how to use this and it’s compatible with my computer.  That’s what I love about these Cannons…keep it simple.

Look how small this is!

I did receive two special gifts from Megan and Kelly….beautiful plants that they potted back in March, while helping out Mark & Peggy at the greenhouse during their spring break.  The fun thing about these plants this year, was that they hadn’t seen them since March, when they first planted the tiny little plants.  When Megan saw her planter, she said, “Oh my!”  It was neat to see her excitement and now she knows how excited I get each year.   The girls have been giving me this wonderful gift for about five years now.  It’s my absolute favorite!

Will enjoy these all summer long~

You’re probably wondering why Kelly hasn’t been in any of the pictures today.  She has a very, terrible cold and hasn’t been able to get off the couch all day.  It started to hit her yesterday afternoon and she just can’t find the energy to move.  Poor thing.  She’s trying to be very positive and make herself get involved, but it just won’t happen.  She did managed to get dressed and join us for a little dinner and did her best to eat everything on her plate.  Now, back to the couch for her.  She won’t even be able to make it to school tomorrow and will be taking the day off to recuperate and just sleep.  She will try and get back on Tuesday.  I feel so bad for her.  She’s absolutely miserable.

Megan took this picture.

Before my book reading activity, I made a fun dessert for dinner tonight.  I found this recipe back in March and was planning on making them for Easter, but that didn’t happen, so I thought I’d try it again today.  They are called, Banana Cake Balls.  Made out of pound cake, vanilla pudding, bananas and dipped in chocolate.  Megan couldn’t get enough of these.  They were really tasty and very easy to make.  Would make a great treat for any party.

A treat for my family.

In between my laying out in the sun ( my dermatologist will not be happy with me, if she knew I was doing this), I did managed to do some laundry.  What kind of mom would I be, if I didn’t do laundry on the weekend?  The sports uniforms have to get washed.  Another track meet on Monday and a soccer game on Tuesday!   I did stop after four loads.

Why can’t I say no to this!

On to dinner….We went French tonight!  Nate made a fabulous chicken dinner.  He roasted the chicken in a iron skillet at 500 degrees in the oven, which made the skin, nice and crispy.  Inside the pan, was lemon, rosemary, leeks, garlic and capers.  We had sautéed red potatoes & carrots to go along with this and some grilled french bread.

A chicken skillet

Megan helps out at the stove w/the veggies.

Nate also had a Cotes Du Rhone (which is a French red wine) to pair with the French chicken which was a perfect compliment to his dish.  Such a wonderful, tasty meal.  And an added extra…we got to eat out on the deck.  It was still warm & beautiful out at 6:30, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat outside.  This is a rare event on Mother’s Day, but I’ll take it.

I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did and Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite Moms!

I love being a Mom! Cheers~



  1. A great Mother’s Day! Your plants are gorgeous! Mark must have some potent fertilizer! Wow, a Canon! I have one and love it but it’s not as little as your new one. The chef did a great job with dinner – very picturesque! I think I can taste it… Megan looks like she had an active day and hope Kelly is healthy soon! Enjoy this summery weather all week!! Jere

  2. The flowers are gorgeous ,you are a lucky lady with your gifts.Poor Kelly feel better soon,the card she made was pretty.Loved to see Megan helping in the kitchen.Happy Mothers day

  3. What a picture perfect beautiful day you had! You SO deserve it, my friend! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Cathy!! Your day looked wonderful.
    We celebrated on Saturday, Bob made a fabulous prime rib roast! All the kids came.
    So I got to go over to Lake Josephine with my book and diet coke and
    sun bathe on Sunday…..yes, a perfect day!!!

    And congrats to Megan on her award!!!
    Love, Elizabeth

  5. Can’t wait to see your new camera! Fun! I am so glad you had a great day! Your blog was great! Fun to read.

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