Happy Birthday Purple Girl!

My sister’s birthday was back on May 4th and with our busy schedules, today we finally got together to celebrate.  My friend Dawn and I met Terry at a restaurant here in Burnsville called, The Porter Creek Grill.  It is a very nice, upscale restaurant that we have been to a few times and absolutely love it.   When we three girls get together, it’s always so much fun, lots of giggles, smiles and fun stories about our lives and families and just getting caught up with each other.  Usually we meet for dinner, but this time Terry wanted to try a lunch outing.  We all agreed, we kind of like this idea, because no one was yawning by the second hour!  ha ha.  We ordered our food and then had Terry open her gifts while we waited for our salads.

Terry’s favorite color is purple and she nows claims this color as her “signature color” and is known to some as “purple girl.”  I thought it was only appropriate that she gets some purple gifts this year.   I found this great purple toaster at Target and thought of her immediately.  What a great accent piece for your kitchen counter.  She has an ugly toaster oven that was her ex-husbands, and now she has a good reason to throw it out!   I also found a pretty purple table runner to help add style & pizzaz out on the table.  I’m sure the boys will love it.  ha~

Megan & Kelly got her purple utensils! Fun~

I added a fun gift for the kitchen that all she has to do is add pasta!  It is a sauce made from one of our favorite singers…Bon Jovi.  He has his own line of sauces out now.  Mmm, Bon Jovi marinara sauce (Bon Jovi, not included), sadly.  I hope she enjoys it with a nice glass of wine for a relaxing evening at home.

Would be good on chicken too!

Last night, we were having dinner with Jim & Sandra and Terry felt she needed to bring along a bottle of wine to share.  The problem with her wine, is that is was a White Zinfandel, which Jim was teasing her for and calling it, “baby wine.”  Nate too, told her that it’s, “wine for beginners.”  She laughed and claims that she’s not much of a wine drinker anyway and this is what she enjoys when it comes to wine.  Anyway, we never did open it, so I brought it back home and wrapped it up.  I brought it along to the restaurant and told her that Jim & Sandra gave me a gift to give to you.  She was so excited and said, “Oh, why didn’t they just give it to me last night?”   Then she opened it and started to laugh when she saw her own bottle of wine in the bag.  Wish I could’ve captured that look on her face.  So funny~

Maybe she’ll enjoy this with my marinara sauce.

Dawn also had a great gift idea.  She knows that Terry loves her movies, so she bought her the Janet Evonovich movie that we all went to see together back in January, called One For The Money.  She also included some movie candy and a popcorn bowl with Terry’s name on it.  Cute!   Daniel and Evan need to keep their hands out of this bowl!

Terry’s set for a girls night in!

I can smell the popcorn!

I had to save my best gift for last.  After Terry opened this one, she wanted to let out a scream, she liked it so much, but couldn’t really do that because we were sitting in this nice restaurant and that wouldn’t have been appropriate.  Little does she know, she actually did let out quite a scream of excitement.  Nate & I knew she’d get a kick out this one.  No explanation needed as to why she loved it.  Take a look…

Wear it proud girl!

After all the fun of opening gifts and enjoying lunch together, our lovely waitress came over with a birthday dessert for Terry.  It was this wonderful apple-cinnamon bread pudding with cranberries.  What a delicious treat that we all shared and devoured.  A sweet treat to end our sweet day.

Even came with a candle!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Purple Girl!



  1. Purple is a gorgeous color on her,great gifts too,you know there is a very nice Malbec called purple when she is ready to graduate to big girl wine.A wonderful way to spend her belated birthday.

  2. I had the best time! Thank you so much for all the thoughtful gifts. The t-shirt is the best! I love you sooo much! Thanks!!!

  3. What a fun celebration! But, keep in mind my purple gift to Ter was opened first! 😉

  4. Was that mug purple? hmmm…don’t think so! But yes, you were first….but I was “fashionably late.”

  5. What a wonderful idea, Cathy…Wish I could have been there too. Terry, you look so pretty!

  6. Very sweet time and gifts… funny, you guys were sitting at the exact booth we sat at a couple weeks ago when we celebrated my brother’s anniversary there! What a riot!
    Looks like you had a fantastic time with your sweet sister!

  7. Good morning,
    I got a kick out of Terry’s birthday party blog. The gifts were all so thoughtful and perfect for her!!!!
    Tell her Happy Birthday
    Love, Elizabeth

  8. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments! It was really fun and I have the BEST family ever!!

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