The School Doors Are Closed

Another school year has come and gone and Nate and I couldn’t be more proud of Megan and Kelly, once again.  They have both maintained an ‘A’ average and this year Kelly received the Presidential Award for keeping an ‘A’ average since fourth grade.

Accepting her award from the Principal, Mr. Bonneville.

A very proud moment.

They both have had to work very hard this year and both have been involved in sports, babysitting, religion and music lessons.  Not an easy task to take on, but they are both such high achievers and rose to the occasion.   Yay girls!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful girls.

Some of the teammates

This week started out with Megan having her Track banquet on Tuesday night.  The girls were honored and recognized for their achievements throughout the season.  Megan received a participation award as well as a Junior Varsity award for her speed/time in the 100 yard dash.  This means her time qualified her at a JV level.   Only five other 8th graders received JV awards.  Pretty cool!

Megan & her friend Beccah, with their awards.

On to Hidden Valley…today on our last day, I got to spend the whole time with Kelly and the other sixth graders.  They started their day out by signing t-shirts and memory books.  I was laughing at how many kids were ticklish while I’d write on their backs or arms.


After the signing, they headed into the PAC and enjoyed watching a video that one of the teachers made of the entire sixth grade and all the activities they had done throughout the year.  It was neat seeing them all together, having fun on field trips, working in their classrooms, doing projects together and seeing them grow through the year.  For the mom’s watching, it was a little emotional.

Next, they enjoyed cupcakes, made by Kelly’s teacher.  She’s quite a baker and wanted to donate these wonderful treats for the last day.  She matched the cupcakes to the design on their t-shirts.  As part of the sixth-grade send-off, t-shirts were made to coincide with the theme this year, which was “Stay Connected.”  The shirts had apps on them with things that related to activities they’ve done throughout the year.  Very cute~

Kelly grabs a cupcake with a Shakespeare app.

The final activity for the day was to go bowling.  This is also a tradition on the last day of school for the sixth graders.  Since I work with two sixth graders, I got to go along and bowl too.  This ended up being my favorite part of the day.  My buddy, Justin, was so excited every time he got up to bowl and he would throw that ball as hard as he could and we would watch it bounce off the bumpers like a pin-ball machine.  haha!  It was riot!!!  Thank goodness for bumpers, otherwise I would’ve had a very unhappy kid.  He did quite well in the end and scored a 98!

This kid can bowl!

Chicks who bowl!

We headed back to school after bowling and the kids had another chance to get autographs or signatures from their teachers and friends before the end of the day.  Then they get to walk down the main hallway while the entire school cheers them on and out the door to end their Elementary career.  Such a fun way to go out!

Class of 2018!

Kelly and eleven other friends had one more special activity planned before the day ended…taking a ride in a limousine!  One of her friends’ parents rented this for an hour and they got to enjoy some fun.  Their first stop was Dairy Queen.  Each of them brought some money and enjoyed a cold treat on a hot day.  Then they were driven around the neighborhood and then dropped back off at school.  What a stylin’ idea!

What a cool ride!

When I arrived home, I found my living room filled with five 9th graders!  Megan had her friends over for pizza, a bonfire and just hang out after their last day of school.

The newest group of Freshman

They had big plans for the bonfire…they wanted to burn their old papers, test and homework.  Each girl came over with a stack in hand, but once they started throwing the papers in, the ashes started building up and bits of paper were starting to float up above the fire and all around them.

No more homework!

Megan fuels the fire with science papers. ha!

Fire Marshall Kristin, was first to react and suggest that this isn’t a great idea.  Megan quickly agreed and one by one, they decided to stop this activity and come up with a new plan.  It was so funny to watch them do this.  I don’t think a small fire pit is the way to go with this, you need a huge bonfire out in the middle of some open area where you can really “let loose”, too many fire hazards in our front yard.  ha!

I can feel the warmth~

They did come up with another activity that was just as fun to watch.  Spreading out their papers in the cal-de-sac, laying down in it and just being happy to be done with school for the year.  I liked this idea.

Yay, we’re all done!

While the kids were out having fun with their friends, Nate & I were hanging out with friends too.  My friends Sheri & Karin came over for dinner and drinks (their husbands were gone) and later, Kevin came home to an empty house, texted Sheri and asked where she was.  She told him she was at our house, and within minutes, he was visiting with us as well.  He had just gotten home from a work trip in Washington DC, and plane rides can be a bit boring and long, so he enjoyed our company, a glass of wine and just being back home.  We parents know how to have fun too.  Nate made pizza for us as well…perfect way to end the school year…out on the deck with good friends.

I too, am glad to have another school year ended.  My co-workers and I celebrated a day early by going out for drinks and appetizers on Wednesday.  It’s been a rough year, but we made it through once again.  These ladies are so much to be around every day, it makes going to work a little easier.

A toast to the end of the year!

Today is our official first day of summer, now that the school doors are closed.  Next year, I will be the only one going back to Hidden Valley Elementary, while my two favorite girls walk together to Eagle Ridge Junior High.  (sniff-sniff).  Another chapter in the Solberg family will begin.



  1. Woohoo Kelly! Way to go! You have the greatest girls… and they have the greatest Mom!

  2. A big hooray for the Solberg girls,fantastic ladies ,not only beautiful but super smart.A great last couple of school days for Kelly and wonderful memories.I love the photo of the girls surrounded by their papers,much safer and it looks so cool.Yah another school year over ,time to enjoy the summer.

  3. You are starting summer with a bang! You have a well-deserved vacation after meeting so many goals this school year. Time to kick back… Jere

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