My Vacation in a Nut Shell

My Girl Scout Troop(: Family Forever ❤

Over June 9-11th I got to up to Duluth for a girl scout trip. It was just us four girls (our troop is really small) and our leaders, and yes I said us four girls. Since it was just my troop my mom didn’t come along, but she still wanted to blog about the trip. She couldn’t really do that though because she only knows what happened according to me and that would be really irritating to keep asking me about everything that happened. I mean, I would basically be writing the blog! So now that’s what I’m doing. This time you get to hear a “story” from me -Kelly.


We departed from home at 9:00 A.M. to start for Duluth. Then about halfway through our ride up we stopped for our first event. We rode on an alpine coaster called the Timber Twister. It was basically a miniature roller coaster where you are in your own car and you can control your speed. So if you were nervous you could go slow and enjoy the scenery or if you were like me you can go as fast as you can! You push these controls on the sides of your car to go fast and pull them back to go slow. The only bad part for me is that I’m short so I had to lean forward to push the controls forward the whole time! But I didn’t mind; I was laughing about it(: We weren’t done yet though. After the Timber Twister we walked over to the Timber Flyer, which is like a big zip line type thing. You drop down on a diagonal wire on big green seat with another person next to you. Someone buckles you in and then you drop down 700 feet in about 30 to seconds! Then it stops for a second and you climb up the 700 feet again in 30 seconds, but this time backwards! It was whole one minute of joy but still super fun! Then we got back in the car and finished our journey up to our hotel. Oh and don’t worry I do have pictures of my trip I just wasn’t allowed to have my camera with me here.

We ended up ahead of schedule and we arrived at our hotel an hour early! Sadly though our hotel rooms weren’t ready yet so we had to go find something to do for an hour. So one of the adults with us said she knew of a little park we could go to for a little bit. It wasn’t a park with a playground or anything like that but it had an observation tower that we went up and looked out onto Lake Superior. I was a very pretty view. It seemed really cloudy from the top but it actually was a beautiful sunny day.

Our pretty view

It was really tall!

It was a fun place to hang out and we got a lot of cool photo opportunities on the rocks and the stairs that were in front of the tower.

We still had time before we could check in so we went window shopping. All I can say about this part of the trip was boring! There were no shops open and the one we went in smelt gross. It smelt like someone mixed 5 different perfumes together and then dumped it on everything! Yuck! But that was over quickly and then we checked in and got settled into our room. By this time it was 4:00.
Our next activity wasn’t until 5:30 so my friends and I went swimming for an hour. It was really easy to get down to the pool because we walked out of our room and it was right below us. There was a special elevator we got to use to get down to the pool level. We could literally see that pool from our door. The only bad part about this was that every morning we got woken up at 8 by little girls screaming and playing in the pool. Talk about a wake up call!
You would think that we had enough driving for the day with the 3- 3 1/2 hour drive up wouldn’t you? Well think again. Once we dried off and got our clothes back on we headed off to take a 2 1/2 hour train ride on the pizza train! The train goes from Lake Superior to Two Harbors and then back. The beginning of the ride was fine but we were all exhausted from swimming so it was very quiet and we just sat back and watched the scenery. Then after we ate our pizza (which was just ordered Dominos-ha!) everyone started to perk up and Catilyn and Kirstyn (the calm ones of our troop) perked up and Kira and I (the hyper ones…. me the most…..) started getting hyper so all of us decided to go and explore the train- which yes, we were allowed to do because our conductor said so. He was really nice(:

He was dressed like an old-fashioned conductor and everything!

As we were walking through out he train we found some “windows”. I say “windows” because it was actually those little half doors and then the top half is just open. We spent basically the entire ride home in these spots. Catilyn and Kirstyn shared and window and Kira and I shared the other. I’m not exactly sure how Kirstyn and Catilyn entertained themselves because you can’t really hear anything once you are sticking your head outside! Kira and I had a blast though! We spent our whole time laughing, singing (off-key and on purpose) and yelling hi and waving to random people we passed(: I yelled hi really loud to some guys working on a roof and they stopped what they were doing and waved back! Ha! The end was scary for me though, because the door actually opened while I was right by it! Luckily the door swang in and pushed me back into the train, because if it swang out, the night probably wouldn’t have been as fun. But I’m ok and though it was scary I was laughing about it as we ran back to our seats! I had so much fun on the train and I’m so glad I got to do it with my friends because honestly, I don’t think anyone else would sing loudly and badly and yell hi to random people while sticking their head out a train with me but my friends(:

Kira (top) and me (Bottom) hanging out a train window!

Passing Lake Superior. You can’t see it from the picture but the sky was a pretty lavender and pink just after sunset ❤

So after a long first day, we went back to the hotel, swam again, and went to bed so we could be ready for another action packed day tomorrow.
Like I said earlier, 8:00 AM- little girls screaming……..yay :\ I waited until 9:00 to get up though. So then we were off again for another day. We started the day by walking on the boardwalk down the Lake Superior shore in Canal Park. It was a very pretty view of the shore throughout the whole walk. Of course, we had to walk onto the beach and we took a couple of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

(From the left) Kira, Kirstyn, Catilyn and Me on the Superior Shore

This is what we got to look at for the whole walk. Just beautiful! ❤

After we finished our board walk we walked out to a lighthouse. I’m not sure what lighthouse it was but I just know it wasn’t Split Rock Lighthouse. There was a great view of the lake and the city of Duluth.

Me in front of the lighthouse

Now as we were passing to go to the lighthouse we saw probably one of the most famous things up in Duluth. Yes that’s right, the Ariel Lift Bridge. I love big bridges like these especially because I did a unit on bridges in my enrichment class so this was pretty cool to me. We even got to see it move up for a boat to pass under. That was really neat.

You’ve probably seen this picture many times before but just incase

After we had seen everything in Canal park we stopped by a little boat museum and then we took a long walk to our next attraction; the train museum. Along the way we saw an enormous boat in a harbor. I’m not sure if the boat is still in use today but it was still floating in the water!

This is the biggest boat I’ve seen by far!

This is one of the chain links of the chains that connects it to the anchors!

Finally we made it to the museum after the long walk. It was a fun place because you got to go into the trains and view things about the trains and what they would look like back then. It was really neat and it’s kind of hard to explain without seeing it for yourself so I have a few of the many pictures I took of this place. I couldn’t stop thinking of the polar express!

This was the mailroom on one of the trains

It’s like one of those toy trains came to life!

This filled up a whole section of the train! Imagine remembering what each of these did let alone operating it!

It seems that everything we saw was huge! Or I’m really small….. I’m going to go with the really huge.

Well, that is basically my weekend vacation in a nut shell! I enjoyed being the “Guest Blogger” as my mom calls it!


  1. OOHHHH Kelly… I want to try the Timber Twister and Timber Flyer now! You sold me! Looks like you had an awesome weekend… what a great post!

    Love you!

  2. Hey Kell, you should “Guest Blog” more often! Better yet, give your mom some competition and start your own blog- bwahahahaha!!! I enjoyed hearing about your weekend very much! Thank you!! Love, me : )

  3. How fun Kelly! I love your blog, you are a great writer. You should have your own blog. That train incident sounded very scary, they let you do that?

  4. Thanks everyone! Lol Aunt Terry! And yeah Dawn the conductor actually did. He walked right passed me, looked out the window I was standing at and then left! I thought I was going to get in trouble but we didn’t!

  5. Wow, Kelly!! How in the world did you get the computer away from your mother?! Very nice work! You might have the “World’s Smallest Girl Scout Troop”, but you really packed in the activities! Nice report! Gpa Solberg

  6. Kelly, great blog! What a fun time you had. Imagine you’ve seen on the news how much rain Duluth is getting, the floods and how the zoo animals are “escaping”. Yikes! BTW, your great, great grandparents (Hedman) met at the train station in Duluth. Carl was a house builder and Velma a seamstress. Also, the tower you climbed was a gift from Norway… Gram

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