What A Dad!

Best Dad Ever!

I’m back!  Since I had a “guest blogger” last time, I thought I’d give her a little air-time before adding my newest blog, so that’s why I’m late with my Father’s Day blog.  (Kelly was using my computer for so long!)

We started the Father’s Day celebration last Sunday by driving over to Hudson, Wisconsin at 8:30 a.m. for Megan’s soccer game.  They were in a tournament called, “The Border Battle” and Sunday was game three of three.  They played Hudson that morning and lost a tough ‘battle’, losing 1-0.   They won one, and lost two.  Tough weekend on the soccer field, but they did play hard.  What a Daughter!

Burnsville Bandits

As we drove home, we noticed that the sky was getting cloudy and once again, more rain was on it’s way.  Nate wanted to mow the lawn because it had been raining for 3 or 4 days in a row, and today looked good, but not for long.  He got started and continued mowing with drizzle coming down, which later tuned into a gentle rain.  He got the front lawn done, but the back would have to wait until tomorrow.  The girls & I were in the living room feeling bad that he is out mowing in the rain on Father’s Day.  See, What a Dad!

Working on Father’s Day!

It was still early and we had a whole day ahead of us.  While Nate showered up & dried off from the rain, the girls and I did some reading and eventually, some napping.  That rain was very soothing, we couldn’t help it….okay, I couldn’t help it.  ha!   What a Mom!

Once we were all refreshed, there were a few gifts to open.  Kelly started us off by having Nate open a special poem book that she had made at school, just for Dad.  It is filled with poems and quotes that she felt he would appreciate and enjoy reading.  What a great idea!

Can’t beat those homemade gifts.

He also got a new armband for his iPod when he goes running and a much needed and updated messenger bag for work.  Right now, Nate has to carry two bags (one for his computer & one for his paperwork) and coffee.  It’s a balancing act he endures every morning.  With his new bag, it all fits into one and he can carry the coffee without worry.   What a Dad!

The guys at work will be jealous!

Need music while running.

As tradition goes, in our house anyway, Nate always makes the dinner on Father’s Day.  This is mainly because he likes to grill something special that night.  This day was no exception.  He came home with two, thick, wonderfully looking rib-eye steaks to slap on that grill and over some hot coals.  Along with the steak, he grilled some red & yellow peppers, onions and tomatoes.  Very delicious!  Nate & I enjoyed a wonderful Layer Cake Malbec to accompany it.  What a Dad!

Mmm…those look spectacular!

Perfect for grilled steak~

Manning the grills.

Time to enjoy.

Kelly made our dessert.  I found a recipe that she said she could easily make, so I let her go to it.  It was a Root Beer Float Pie.  It was a pie crust filled with vanilla pudding, root beer and cool whip.  She did a fantastic job and it was a perfect ending to our steak meal.  What a Daughter!

Kelly’s contribution…pie!

It certainly was a great Father’s Day for a Great Dad!  We love you!






  1. Sooo…. let me get this straight. Nate mowed the lawn and cooked dinner? On Father’s Day? I just wanted to be sure I read that correctly. hahahahaha!!! Happy Father’s Day to an AWESOME dad and bro-in-law! I could teach Cath how to mow a lawn AND use the grill if you want.

  2. What a wonderful post! I smiled when I read about the new messenger bag helping him get out the door with his coffee cup in the morning… reminded me of the time I saw him drive by my old blue house with the coffee mug on the roof! Anyway, you have a GREAT hubby and dad in your house. All three of you girls are blessed.

    I think I’m gonna need that dessert recipe! Yum!

  3. Wow, that was pretty nice! I have to say I had a great day, and it wasn’t even awful mowing in the rain. Terry, grill-time is my-time, so I won’t be passing that off anytime soon. And Shelly, what can I say? I still laugh about that travel mug on the roof. It’s not like it only happened once!

  4. Ok you Solberg girls need to work on a few things ,napping or watching dad mow through the window whilst it’s raining ,really!

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