On Sunday afternoon, I met my sister Terry, and my friend Dawn at a restaurant in Eagan, called Granite City Brewery, for an early birthday dinner.  The three of us have been celebrating our birthdays for quite a few years now.  We always get together at a restaurant and spend some time talking and mostly laughing.  Today was no different.  For instance, after we ordered our food, Terry announces, “Okay, time for presents!”  I’m thinking, yay, fun stuff but as I started to open Dawn’t first gift, I noticed that neither of them was paying any attention to me.  Terry was busy on her phone (otter box!) showing pictures of some hot guys that she is interested in.  So I stopped ripping into my gifts and told her to pass the phone down so I can see these cuties of hers.  Yes, they both were cute and worth looking at.  Then I start in again with the gifts and Terry starts scrolling some more on her phone and here we go again…more pictures to share.   Finally I say, “Hey, this is suppose to be about me!”   We laughed and then Terry continued showing the rest anyway, so I just put the gifts away until after we ate.  Oh well, this was important too.  We always like to know what’s going on in each other’s lives, and she was able to give us the scoop.    Girlfriends let others go first~

Our food came soon after Terry had finished up with her social life stories.  She is very active these days, I feel a bit old around her.  haha!   I had ordered a bruschetta salad and when it arrived, it looked like an octopus on my plate, compete with eight legs sticking out!  I was afraid to eat this thing.  The ‘legs’ were actually toasted bread that you top with the salad, hence the name Bruschetta.  Dawn ordered a tasty pasta dish and Terry had the flatbread, which was fabulous.  She shared a piece with me.  Thanks Ter.  I gave Dawn, two of my ‘legs’.    Girlfriends share~

The Octopus!

Next it was Dawn’s turn.  She and her husband Robert have recently purchased a trailer/cabin down near Mankato and they are busy gutting this thing and replacing most everything in it.  She took, had many pictures to share of this newest adventure of theirs.  We passed the camera around the table so we could see all the work that they have put into this, each and every weekend so far this summer.  They’re hoping to have it completely done by next weekend and Dawn has the fun part of buying all the furniture, bedding, kitchenware, etc.  It looks great and I hope they will enjoy it.  We will miss her every weekend though.  Girlfriends miss each other often~

Finally it was on to my gifts.  Nothing like making me wait all day girls!   I aways enjoy the thoughtfulness that goes into these girls’ gifts.  Both of them always make fun of me because I like to do themes with my gift giving and I make them open them in a certain order. There was no order to Dawn’s gifts, but she sure put some thought into them.  Scrapbook borders, notecards & paper, a book and a soft new beach towel.  All the things that I can use this summer and enjoy using as well.  Thanks Dawn!  (and I could open them in any order that I wanted).  haha   Girlfriends know what each other like~

I need a bag!

Terry did have a little order to hers because she gave me this scented candle holder that uses a light bulb, rather than a wick to burn the scented wax.  I had to open that first, then came the scented wax.  They are called, “Scentsy” candle holders and they are so neat.  I lit it up last night and looks so pretty and smelled wonderful.

White lights, light up all around it.

Terry brought along ten different wax-scents for me to smell and I could choose three.  That was the fun part.  I’m sure the other people in the restaurant were wondering what we were doing because we just kept passing around these plastic containers, lifting the lid to smell each one and then giving the ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’ decision on them.  Once I narrowed it down to five, then we went around again in order to pick three.   It was fun and amusing to us anyway.  Girlfriends like sweet aromas~

Sniffing candle wax! aaahhh~

Terry had one last gift for me.  It’s a very cool necklace that says, “Sisters” on it and it has our birthstones dangling from it.  So sweet and again, so thoughtful.  I love it!  Sister’s can be your best girlfriend~

Fits me just right!

This is why I love having girlfriends.  They are always so much fun to hang around with and you just never get tired of them.

Today, I spent time with more of my girlfriends.  We hung out at the pool all afternoon and never stopped talking.  The start of my birthday week is going well… yes I said, birthday week.  (hee hee)

Sheri, me, Jean & Becky. Girlfriends~



  1. Hey Cathy I would never guessed it was your birthday this week! Birthdays are for celebrating ,keep celebrating with style.

  2. I am in tears!!I so want to be there!!!! Miss all my other girls!!! Good thing I have Peggy to sustain me!!! Usually she and I have more quiet dinners/lunches…..but we do enjoy other events!!! Wish we could all be together!!. Love,Mom

  3. Happy Birthday week Cathy!!!!!
    Oh man though, you will never catch up to me!
    Love, Elizabeth

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