Bayfield Wisconsin

Beautiful marina and Lake Superior.

 Today we spent the afternoon in Bayfield, Wisconsin.  It is a cute, little town of only 486, but with tourists, I’m sure the numbers go way higher.  There are many shops of all sorts within this town.  They have art galleries, candy stores, t-shirt shops, cafe’s, antiques, quilt shops, and many town bars and eateries, just to name a few.

Love the cute signs on all of these shops.

Our first stop was to check out the Madeline Island Ferry.  We will be taking this boat trip tomorrow and needed to know what times it departs from Bayfied.  It’s a nice size ferry and if you want, you can drive your car right on to it and take that with you.  We are just going walk around Madeline Island tomorrow, so our car will stay put.

We get to ride on top.

The girls both found their souveniers in Bayfield.  Megan got a Madeline Island sweatshirt and Kelly found a cute,  fashionable purse, perfect for Island shopping.

We found a great place to stop and eat lunch.  It was called the Big Water Cafe and Coffee Roasters.  We headed inside and ordered at the counter.  Then you seat yourself, take your number with you, grab your own silverware, napkins and drinks and find a table in the next room over.  Eventually a guy came out from back with our food on a plate and just like that, lunch is served!   Here’s the funny thing…when you’re done eating, you have to “bus” your own dishes.  They have signs up for where you bring them.  You recycle, and place your dishes in the right bucket.  Now that’s a great way to run a restaurant.   The food was terrific and we’d go back there again any time.  The girls ordered a grill cheese sandwich because when in Wisconsin, you have to have some cheese…right Grandma & Grandpa?

Say Cheese!

Before heading out of town, we drove up to the top of the hill in Bayfield to see the marina from above.  It was very pretty, but a little cloudy.  There are some very nice houses up there too, which I’m sure have gorgeous views out their windows.

Neat church on the hill.

Very scenic up here.

The latter part of our day was back in Ashland.  The girls wanted to do some swimming at our hotel.  They have a pretty neat indoor water park called, “Splashland.”   It has some neat twisty-turney waterslides in here.  While they enjoyed their activities, Nate and I rested out in the lobby.  It was way to hot and humid in the pool area.

The girls climbing higher & higher to get to the top of the slides.

This is not for me! scary~

At our hotel that we’re staying at, they have complimentary s’mores every night from 7:00-9:00.  We decided to par-take in this yummy activity.  Out in the back, they have a very nice deck with all the fixings to make s’mores and the bonfire never stops.  I think Megan had at least six or more marshmallows after her two s’mores!  She loves her marshmallows.

Now this is my kind of fun!

Toasting those marshmallows to perfection!

What number is this one Megs?!

Happiness is a s’more!

Someone else loves his s’mores too!

After dinner and s’mores, we sat back and enjoyed the sunset over the lake.  It was gorgeous and you never get tired of seeing the sun glistening in the water, with it’s perfect golden glow.  I took many pictures to get this one shot that I really liked.

Golden Sunset over Lake Superior~

We sure enjoyed our Independence Day.  Fireworks were fantastic here in Ashland.  They set them off right over the water.  Great way to spend the Fourth.


  1. We see you are enjoying! I think you chose a good location too! Besides being in Wisconsin, I notice some sweatshirts and jackets in those photos. Whew!!

  2. I forgot to mention your gorgeous sunset photo – it’s frame-able!! (I was caught by your sweatshirt pictures after sitting through a 10-inning Brewer game in 109 degree heat. Uffda!!!!!)

  3. I am really craving s’mores now. I haven’t had any this summer yet… oh yeah, fun pics! S’mores were my fav. picture- lol! Loved the sunset too!

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