Madeline Island

Yesterday we spent the day on Madeline Island.  I couldn’t blog last night because the internet wasn’t working, so I will be a day behind.  We drove over to Bayfield again, in order to get on the ferry, which took us over to the island.   It was about a twenty minute ride, sitting in the blazing sun, on the water.  We arrived pretty sweaty, but a cool breeze welcomed us as we pulled into the dock.

Up high on the boat.

Looking back at Bayfield.

Once off of the ferry, we roamed around a bit, just to see what was around us.  My brother Jim, recommended a popcorn stand that a local gal runs, which is just down the street from the docks.  We were feeling a little “munchy”, so we wandered down the road and sure enough, there was the lady and the popcorn stand.  We ordered the popcorn with the special seasonings on it and wow, was it good!  The lady told us that her inspiration for this seasoning came from some popcorn she tried out in California, so she thought she’d try to duplicate it and call it, “Island Popcorn.”  It sure was delicious and addicting.  This gal should have a website and do online orders.  We’d have her bookmarked for sure!

The perfect snack!

Once refueled from the popcorn, we headed over to the Bell Street Museum (mainly because it was air-conditioned) to learn a little history of this island.  Madeline Island is one of the Apostle Islands, named after the Apostles in the Bible.  There are 24 islands in this chain and if you’d like, you can take a three hour boat tour and see these lovely islands.  We chose just one.  The reason we chose to visit Madeline Island, is because my friend and co-worker, Mary McHugh, just retired from teaching and she and her husband Steve,  have moved to the island and opened an art gallery.   This was a dream of Steve’s and they’re hoping to make this new chapter in their lives work out for them.    It’s a neat little gallery with lots of nice paintings from 36 local artists…Steve being one of them.  I didn’t tell Mary that we were coming, so she was very surprised when we walked into their gallery.

Bell Street Gallery~

I really surprised Mary!

One of the streets on the island.

After our visit with Mary and Steve, we walked through a few more galleries and shops before returning to the ferry.  The ride back on the boat was a little more exciting and interesting.  We found our seats on the boat and watched while the cars drove aboard.  Not only do cars board this ferry, so do semi-trucks!  We couldn’t believe this Michelob truck was coming aboard.  Now that was cool to watch.

Are you sure about this?

Ok, he’s on board. Please don’t let us sink!

Mary told us that the Schwann’s truck delivers here too.  When we got off, I noticed that we had a Direct TV van on board as well.  Too funny~   Megan took this celebrity photo.  We both agreed, he looks a bit like George Clooney.  What do you think?


Back in Bayfield, we decided that we needed to cool off after our hot island day.  The best way to do this, is to find an ice cream shop.  We were told that “The Candy Shop” has the best ice cream in town.  We headed that direction, found the place and walked into an aroma of fresh baked waffle cones and the scent of candy all around.  We all took big sniffs and said, “Oh, it smells so good in here!”  We ordered our ice creams and found some shade across the street to enjoy our treats.

Cooling off~

On our way back to Ashland, we stopped at a cute little pizza place called, D’Lou’s Bistro.  Nate found this place on Yelp, which is an app on his smart phone.  It had a five star rating and it was “off the beaten path”, so we wanted to give it a try.  It was in the town of Washburn, about 15 miles from Ashland, where we are staying.  It was a small restaurant with a huge wood fire stove in the middle of the kitchen area.   The reviews raved about their pizza, so we had to try it and were very happy with our dishes.  Excellent food and light on the budget.

Loved this cute patio but it was too hot to eat outside.

That was the end of our third day of fun.  On Friday, we will heading up into the wilderness in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, quite different from Island life.



  1. What a fantastic surprise for Mary,the island is very cute and I love how you sampled many food items whilst on the island.

  2. I agree with Sheri! How fun to see your friend- her shop looked cute! In fact, the whole island looks really cute and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You guys are having TOO much fun! I love the Bayfield area/Apostle Islands… was there once many years ago… prior to kids… I’ve always wanted to go back. Now I get to see it again through your eyes!

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