Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

The entrance to the Arboretum.

It was a gorgeous August day and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to be outdoors on a day like this.  I woke up this morning and proposed the Chanhassen Arboretum to my family and they all agreed, “Yes, that would be a great place to go today.”   Each year there is a theme surrounding the gardens.  They have a map for you to follow and you can find sculptures and hands-on activities which go along with the theme.  When the girls were younger, they used to mark off each thing they found on our travels.  This year’s theme was “Dirt-O-Rama…Intriguing Tales from the Underground.”  Lots to learn about dirt, compost and other ways to be earth friendly.

Our first sculpture we arrived at was called, “Ant Adventure.”  It was a metal sculpture all twisted around with rocks in between to form an ant hill with the queen ant on top.

Our queen bee, Kelly stands next to the ant hill. The worker bee, Megan, in the background.

As we walked a little further, I spotted some creatively placed planters and we knew that we had found our second sculpture.  It was a sculpture about reusing.  I had Megan crawl into this sculpture and be part of it.  Then we hurried out of there before we got caught climbing where we weren’t suppose to be.  ha~

We called her, “Mrs. Pots.”

Our next sculpture was an interactive one.  It was called, “Underground Sound.”  Each of these bell-looking features made an underground sound.  The funny part of this was watching everyone shove their heads inside of these.  We were cracking up!  So I had to have Nate take a picture of us looking as silly as everyone else.  Hilarious!

We look like something from a Dr Seuss story!

Once inside the Arboretum, we had many paths that took us through gorgeous gardens and the floral aromas were amazing.  I loved the hydrangea trees & bushes.  They were huge!  Would love this in my yard.

A wall of white!

I’m a fan of coleius and I have never seen this particular color.  I’m going to have to share this photo with Mark & Peggy and see if they can get some of this for me next year at their greenhouse.

Aren’t they pretty!

We did take a walk through the rose gardens.  Nate took lots of photos of his favorites, the yellow ones and I found this cool one, that I took a picture of for my girlfriends.  I think they’d all like some of these in their backyards.

Neat fountains in the rose garden. Love the sounds of fountains.

After the rose gardens, we came to another sculpture.  This one was kind of gross.  It was called, “Eco-Earthworms.”  These gigantic worms looked so real and we couldn’t help ourselves and had to touch the displays.  ick!

Reminds me of the creatures in the movie, “Tremors.” ewww…

We didn’t stay too long at this spot, Kelly finally says, “Can we go somewhere else and get away from here?”   Nate just laughs and as always says, “your such girls.”  ha~

We moved on to prettier sights after that and found the Japanese Garden.  A much more soothing area than the worms.  We saw a Bonsai tree in the middle of a pond with a waterfall in the background and lots of fish called, “Koi” swimming in the water below.

The girls find a picturesque rest spot in the Japanese Garden.

We left the Japanese Gardens and found ourselves near another sculpture.  This one didn’t have a sign near it to read about it, so I assumed it was an ant hill by the looks of it, just painted by children or some local painter.  You could even go inside this, so I told the girls to go in for an “ant” photo.  Well once I got home and read the brochure, I found that this was called, “Earthly Coat.”  So we’re guessing that this was a coat made out of things found in the ground.  Who knew!

The back of the coat.

The front of the coat, not the inside of an ant hill! ha~

You can’t go the Arboretum and not walk through the gorgeous leaf covered arbor.  It’s so pretty and today with the blue sky above, it couldn’t have been more perfect for picture taking.

My view from inside looking straight up.

That was all for the sculptures as we walked back towards the exit.  On our way, we passed the herb gardens.   As you walk through these gardens, we would stop and rub the leaves a little and then smell your fingers.  Mmm, all those different herbs and spices made you think of food and we’d each say what the smell made us think of.  Nate rubbed the sage and it made him think of fall and roasted chicken.  I found some basil and rosemary and pictured pizza.  Kelly and Megan loved the mint…probably made them think of ice cream or candy.  It was fun and made us start heading back to our car so we could go home and make dinner.

My girls!

That is how we spent our day today.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the Arboretum again this year.  It’s one of our favorite annual trips and we’re lucky to have it close by.

What a beautiful place. Always inspires us to plant something new in our own yard.



  1. It looks beautiful out there .What a wonderful mix of beauty and quirky,loved Mrs Potts.Great way to spend the day.

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