Shopping Divas!

Kelly & Lauren, ready for action!

Today is just about the middle of August and that means it’s time to start thinking about back to school shopping.  We’ve already gotten the supplies, but it was time for the clothes.   I took the girls and their friends, out for a day of shopping at the Mall of America.   Both Megan and Kelly wanted to find a top/shirt for the first day of school, as did their friends, Emily and Lauren.  Our first stop was at a store called, “Wet Seal.”   A funny name, but they had some cute stuff.  Kelly had found a belt that she wanted at this store in the Burnsville Mall, but they didn’t have her size.  She was lucky enough to find it today at the mall and she got the last one in her size.   Her friend Lauren spotted a shirt way up on a hanger and Emily was the only one tall enough to reach it and get it down for her.  We were glad she was there.  Off she went to try it on, it fit, and she bought it.   We’re off to a good start.

A dressing room gathering.

Megan spotted a gorgeous dress that she wanted.  It just didn’t seem to fit right.  One size was a bit tight, the other was too loose.   It’s too bad, because it was so cute on her.  She’s looking for a dress for our neighbor’s wedding next June.  Right now the dresses are all on sale and it was such a good deal at $15!  We’ll keep looking.

Ready for the runway.

Our next stop was the store called, “Forever 21.”  Megan loves this store and it was the reason we came to the Mall because we don’t have this store at the Burnsville Center.  I can see why she likes this store.   It was huge, had loud music, racks & racks of clothes, jewelry everywhere and filled with teenagers.  I think she and Emily spent about 45 minutes shopping in here.  After 25 minutes, I had to go out in the hall and relax and get my hearing back.  I figured she’d find me when it came time to purchase the clothes.  I was right.   This was Emily’s first time in Forever 21, so she wanted  me to take her picture out front so that it was documented that she’s shopped here now.  ha!

Best store ever!

The younger girls came out shortly after I did.  Lauren bought a necklace that she liked, but they had more fun goofing around outside of this storefront.

Posing as manequins.

We were about  two hours into our day and starting to get hungry.  We found Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop nearby and it smelled wonderful.  My girls love the pretzel dogs (hot dog wrapped in pretzel dough) and the rest of us got their fresh, homemade pretzels.  Mmm, they were so warm and chewy…it hit the spot along with slushies and a diet coke for me.

We needed nourishment. Shopping is exhausting.

Slushie girls!

After energizing ourselves with lunch, we were back at it and ready to hit some more stores.  Megan and Emily wanted to check out some things at Victoria Secret (the clothes section), while Kelly and Lauren went to Delia’s and Aeropostale.  I thought it best that I follow Megan and Emily at this point, because I wanted to monitor what was being bought at this store.  That’s the downfall of having Mom shopping with you.  It turned out to be harmless shopping because both girls were looking at a pair of sweatpants that they wanted with this signature “PINK” label on it.  I guess its a cool brand to be wearing.  The pants happen to be a little pricey for me, so I told Megan I would put that on her birthday list.   I then took off to meet up with Kelly and Lauren at Delia’s.  While in Delia’s, my phone rings and it’s Megan, begging me to buy the sweatpants today and then wrap them up for her birthday.  ha!    I agreed to do this, but I think she thought I’d give in.  “No way, hand them over girl, I have wrapping to do!”  So now she has four months of agony, waiting for her birthday gift.  Now that’s fun for me!

I also went with Megan and Emily to a store called, Pac Sun.  Here, I got my first experience of  Unisex dressing rooms.  I was waiting outside the door while Megan tried on another dress that she wanted  me to see and in walks a guy!  He went to a dressing room to try on his stuff, but it was weird to see both guys and girls trying on clothes in such tight quarters.  I felt like I shouldn’t be looking.  Then an even more interesting thing happened….out came a guy and girl in the same room.  Oh my….I really didn’t want to look.  I was ready to leave that store in a hurry.  Megan and Emily each bought the same skirt.  It was on sale as a buy one, get one free…so they split the cost.  Great idea and only cost them $8.

Not sure how many times we were on the escalators!

Overall, it was a great day and we girls enjoyed ourselves and being at the Mall of America.  I think all four girls are going to go back to school in style.  Maybe next time,  I’ll get to carry a bag with something in it!  Looks like I’m going back to school in last years fashion.  I’m so not the Diva that they are!

Girls at a mall, what could be better!



  1. Ha! Loved the girls’ manequine poses too! Who designs those poses anyway? I’m a bit freaked out about the girl and guy coming out of the same dressing room, Cath! Are we getting old or what?

  2. So fun!!!! Wish I would have a girl, so I could do girly day outs. Love the dress Megan! So cute!

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