Fifty Is Nifty!

A Golden Anniversary~

When I say that fifty is nifty, I’m not referring to my age (not yet anyway), I’m talking about 5o years of marriage!  This past weekend, we drove to Wisconsin to celebrate my Mother & Father-in-Law’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Jere and Cardell were married in 1962, in a small town near Barron and Cumberland, Wisconsin.  The church they were married in, has been converted into a barn, but they told me that it was a tiny church with one aisle down the middle.  The reception, as always back then, was held in the church basement.   They have fond memories of their wedding day, and told me it was a beautiful August day fifty years ago, just as it was this past weekend.

We started the weekend out by going to a Brewer’s game at Miller Park in Milwaukee.  We all met at Brett’s house for a pre-game dinner consisting of hamburgers and of course, brats that he had grilled up perfectly.  We munched on snacks as well and then headed over to the stadium, which was only ten minutes away.

We have our Golden tickets!

It was a gorgeous night for outdoor baseball.  The Brewers took on the Philadelphia Phillies and showed them who was boss that night. The first half of the game was a bit boring and not much hitting, but then the game picked up speed the second half with the Brewers winning 6-2.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves and kept switching seats so we could chat with each other while still enjoying the game.  And yes, I kept checking the Twins score across the field on the other scoreboard.  ha!

The big group of Solbergs..minus Megan.

Before and after the game, we did a little sightseeing around the stadium.  The Brewer’s mascot is “Bernie the Brewer” and Kelly and her cousin Hayley, wanted their picture taken with him.

Love that whiplash mustache!

I did happen to see something from Minnesota and couldn’t help taking this shot.  It’s our lovely Target Field hanging in the hallways of the Milwaukee stadium.  See, they do have a bit of class!  pssst…I also found a picture of the Metrodome too!  I think these Wisconsin people really do like us Minnesotans.  🙂

Enjoying a baseball game with the family.

Kelly & Brett get front row seats.

Chad & I hung out together.

Brewer Cheerleaders! Melanie, Hayley & Kelly

On Saturday, we did some more celebrating.  August 18th, was the actual date that Jere & Cardell were married fifty years ago, so a party was in order.  We all met at their house around noon and then headed over to a nearby restaurant called, ‘The Twisted Root.”   It was a neat little restaurant that was right on the Sheboygan River.  It had a pretty view of the river right out the back windows and a deck outside with seating as well.

We had the restaurant all to ourselves.

We ate a nice lunch/dinner and then headed outside to take some family photos.  Everyone looked so nice and again, the weather was sunny and beautiful.

Grandma & Grandpa with their granddaughters…again, minus Megan.

Jere with all of her boys.

We ended our celebration by heading over to Chad and Jody’s house for the rest of the evening.  They have a wonderful backyard for entertaining and always do a great job when we are all together.   We played a fun game called, “Rollers”, which is similar to Bocce Ball but you use a round disk instead.  It’s hard because that darn disk doesn’t always roll the way you would like it to and it gets caught in grass!  We sure had fun and of course, having a beverage in our hand may have had something to do with that.

After the game…

Speaking of beverages…it wouldn’t be a anniversary party without champagne.  Both Nate and Brett brought a bottle of bubbly along so that we could “toast” the couple.  They both worked on getting the cork off and popped that baby good!  Good thing we were outside, I think that cork went pretty high and would’ve probably made a hole in Chad & Jody’s ceiling.

Still working together after 50 years~

It sure was a wonderful weekend filled with family and laughter.  Cardell and Jere are such an inspiration to us all.  After fifty years of marriage, they have three handsome sons, four granddaughters and two daughter-in-laws (which are pretty good-looking too).  We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with them and hope to celebrate our own 50th anniversaries…someday~

Hayley & Kelly enjoy the bonfire. Always a good ending to the evening.



  1. I love all the family photos,celebrating 50 years of marriage that really is pretty amazing.Great idea to go to a game.

  2. We loved having you here to help celebrate. Thanks for making the long trip over and all you did. Yes, we do like you Minnesotans at the ballpark (usually!) and noticed you/we were the last people out of the stadium, one step ahead of the gate-keepers and after 39,000 others had left. No problem finding the car. It was a wonderful weekend of memories!

  3. Hey, we had fun!! Thanks for coming over the state line to help us celebrate. Cathy REALLY must have enjoyed the ballgame..( Brewers won) . 39,000 people and the gate keepers just about had to use a broom to get her out!! The last people to leave!! And 50 years…Imagine.. Thanks again. Gpa S.

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