Summertime at the Sailer’s

Zach, Greg, Lindsey & Terry getting the party started.

Each August, Mark and Peggy invite the family over for an “end of the summer” party and get together.  We always look forward to this day because I love getting together with “almost” my entire family.  Most years, Peggy’s brother Pete and his wife and Peggy’s sister, Josie usually come over as well to make it an extended family gathering.  It’s the one time a year we get to see them too, because like Mark & Peggy, they are so busy working.  We missed them this year, they just couldn’t get away.  Also missing this year was Nate and Kelly.  Nate was at a golf fundraiser all day for our friends, Joe & Cheryl Faeh.  Kelly went camping for her first time, with her friend Lauren.  So Megan and I represented the Solbergs last night.

This year we had a new guest at the party.  Her name is Kinsey and she is Zach & Lindsey’s 8 month old daughter.  She was definitely the life of the party.  We couldn’t get enough of her and that cute smile of hers.   Megan and I took turns holding her and playing with her as much as we could.  She is such a good baby and had no problems going to any of us scary adults.  She seems to like being held, but boy does she want to learn to walk.   I think she may skip the crawling stage and go straight for the upright position.  Whenever you put her down on her feet, a huge smile came to her face and she’d try so hard to take a step.  Not quite there yet, but give her a couple more months and she’ll be off!

Kinsey with her “Great-Aunt” or our new word for it…Graunt

Kinsey made Megan laugh all night long~

We did enjoy a feast of food last night as well.  Mark and Peggy sure know how to put on a spread.  Mark grilled chicken wings and burgers.  The wings had a rub on them and they had five different sauces to choose, that you could dip them into.  My favorite was the italian wings dipped in marinara sauce.  Mmm, so delicious!  My mouth is watering just thinking about them now.   Of course, we had fresh vegetables picked from their gardens and some watermelon.  Lindsey and Zach brought over a Snicker Salad to share as well.  Everything was so tasty!

Mark’s Father’s Day gift…this beautiful grill~

Freshly picked that day! Sweet!

Later on, Mark loaded up logs onto the fire pit and we enjoyed a wonderful evening around the bonfire and roasted some gigantic marshmallows that were a bit challenging to toast.  Megan figured out that the best way to roast these monsters, was to eat half of them first, then put them on your “triton” and then into the fire. ha!   I got to eat the top of mine before the rest of it fell into the fire.  Sandra had gooey fingers trying to turn hers over.  It was quite funny watching grown adults try to defeat the marshmallow.  Sadly, we lost…marshmallows won.  ha~

I caught Grandpa having some alone time with his granddaughter.

We always hate to say good-bye after this party.  Wish it could go on much longer.  I love how we all get along so well and really enjoy each other’s company.  My brother’s & sister, sister-in-law, and niece & nephew are so much fun to hang around.  I only wish we could do it much more often, and of course, with the entire family too.   So I guess, I’ll see them all again at Christmas when we’ll have more stories to tell and more laughing all through the night.   And I bet, little Kinsey will be walking around by then.  We’ll have to chase her around the house!

Kinsey loved my painted toes. It was funny to watch her grab them and it tickled!

Thank You Mark & Peggy!!



  1. well…you didn’t have all the family!! The guys who started it all — me and Grandpa- weren’t there!!! (and one sister) One of these years we have to come up for this great event!! I really miss you all! Enjoyed your comment about everybody getting along — that was my prayer 54 yrs. ago!!!! Love you all.

  2. Cathy your blog is incredible! I couldn’t agree with you more. We need to get together more often. Thanks for the great pictures and commentary…it was “right on”!!

  3. What a perfect way to get together at the end of summer,so many reason to not want to leave,how wonderful.
    Kinsey is adorable and I love that new word Graunt.

  4. Sounds like a fun time. Kinsey is so cute! Those wings looked sooooooooooo yummy! I want to try them. Also they have a beautiful view of the lake. Love it!

  5. Does Kinsey resemble Megan when she was little? I especially see it in the photo of you holding her, Cathy.

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