Solberg Landscaping

It’s Labor Day weekend and Nate has decided to take on his landscaping project that he’s been wanting to do…well, since the beginning of summer, so why not do it on the last weekend right?  ha~   He has lots of great ideas for both the front yard and the backyard.  His vision is to completely re-landscape and put in a patio out back where we can enjoy our bonfires and do a little entertaining.   But let’s back up a bit…first things first.

We have a ton of rocks out front with dead bushes in-between them and a deck with dirt under it.  Not very appealing to the eye, so he has come up with the idea of transferring the rock from the front walkway into the back, under the deck.  This was not an easy task and he found that there were layers and layers of rock in the soil.  Luckily our neighbor was kind enough to lend Nate his wheelbarrow to haul this rock around.

Showing off his “manly” muscles to his wife. Love it!

Just taking the rock to the backyard isn’t all that needs to be done.  Once he pulls the rock from the dirt, he has been putting it on a “rock shaker” that he borrowed from a gal at work.  It’s similar to a sifter, in that it cleans the rocks & gets all the dirt off after he sprays them with water.  It’s ver cool to watch.  Makes the rocks look new again!

Wetting down the rock on the mesh.

Before the rocks could go into the backyard, some of the dirt from under the deck needed to come out, so that he could make a “bed” for the rocks to lay in.   Next to the house, we have a huge trench that formed due to an old lilac tree that we planted when we first moved into this house.  Once it was uprooted, there was no grass left to keep the soil grounded, so every time it rained, the dirt just ran down the hill, into the area near the air conditioner under the deck.  We ended up with a huge trench that needed to be filled.  Now he had a place to go with this dirt and filled in the entire thing.  It already looks so much better and now he is going to put grass seed on it and hopefully we can grow some grass to keep the soil from running back down the hill.

Our newly filled in trench. Needs grass now.

Next it was time to bring in the rock and lay in under the deck and stairs.  Once the dirt was out, he laid a tarp over the dirt and started hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow into the area that he had marked off with plastic edging.  It looks so much nicer under there and adds a bit of color to what used to be, an ugly, dirty area.

Tarp is down, rocks are ready.

view from back door.

Nice, clean lines.

He has been working both Saturday and Sunday on this and has put in many hours of hard labor and sweat!  yuck~   He has been making such good progress and already our yard is starting to look nicer and more put-together.  I am not sad to see that rock out from our front yard.  It will be wonderful to look out our front window, in the near future and see flowers and colors, rather than plain old rocks.  I can imagine it already~

Cleaning out the front rock.

Jazz has been at Nate’s side the entire time and very curious as to what is happening to her yard.  She has also been very helpful in keeping the bees away from Nate as she tries to grab them in mid-air…tail wagging all the time.  Good thing she hasn’t caught one yet.

Our nosy puppy!

Speaking of bees and insects, one last project of Nate’s…is trying to capture as many hornets, yellow jackets and wasps as he can, so that we can enjoy eating outdoors on the deck again.  August is always the toughest month, but we aren’t giving up!  Solberg’s will prevail.   On his many trips to Home Depot, he bought a bee trap.  When he showed me it, we both laughed and immediately had the same thought….my dad!   These are the same traps that my dad always used out in our backyard, near the pool and deck area.  We even remember him putting ham in these contraptions once the “attractant” was gone or after the two weeks were up.  It always worked well for him, so we are hoping for the same results.

Remember this Dad?

Tomorrow is Labor Day, not sure if he’ll be doing any more “laboring” or not.  Maybe just spreading some grass seed and calling it a day.  I’ll keep the camera close.



  1. Very nice work ,looks nice and tidy.So Cathy do you already have a plan for the pretty flowers for next year.

  2. A work in progress! Looking good. Is this an extreme way to lose weight? Looks like you might have. When you finish there, come on over! Mom

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