One Last Outing

Happy faces on the last day of summer break!

A perfect beach day~

Megan woke up this morning with a mission…do something fun on our last day of summer vacation.   We started throwing out ideas and Megan was texting her friend Beccah at the same time I was texting Beccah’s mom, Sheri.  Finally we all agreed to go to the beach.  It’s nearly 90 degrees today, so the thought of cool water was refreshing and relaxing.  Kelly called her friend Kira to come along and Sheri’s husband, Kevin was kind enough to drive us over and pick us up again, saving us the $5.00 parking fee and the headache of finding a parking spot.   We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at Prior Lake Beach…it wasn’t too crowded.  The lake itself was booming with boats, jet-ski’s and pontoons, so I guess the majority of the people were out on the water.  We didn’t have a boat, so the girls each found a nice spot to lay out there beach towels and Sheri and I found a nice shady spot under a tree to sit comfortably in our chairs and chat about our upcoming school year.  We really shouldn’t talk about school, but it always seems to come up in conversation.

Getting our last tanning session in.

As always, Kelly was the first to get into the water, Kira following close by.  Then the older two headed in slowly on their own agenda.  Megan’s not one to jump right in…takes her about 15-20 minutes to get up enough nerve to get in up to her belly.  Haha!, she’ll never change.    Sheri told me that Beccah doesn’t even like swimming in a lake!  But she went in with no problem and they just chatted in the water.   The four of them enjoyed being with their girlfriends and having a laid-back day.

C’mon girls, get in the water!

When it came time to leave, Sheri and I were the ones complaining that we didn’t want to leave.  Usually it’s the kids saying that.  I guess we don’t want to admit summer is over and it’s back to work tomorrow.  As we were both sitting on our chairs, enjoying the view, I said to her, “I can’t believe that at this time tomorrow, we’ll be in school and working again.”  Then we moaned….

relaxing on the beach~

Once we were home and the evening started to settle in, it was time for dinner out on the deck.  The neighborhood was calm and quiet tonight…unlike last night when everyone was enjoying their parties, friends, and staying up late.  It was just us and the bees eating outdoors and feeling the warmth still from our hot summer day.  We toasted to the wonderful summer and a new school year ahead.

To our family!

Both girls will be walking to school together and attending Junior High.  I will be going to school/work without one of my kids for the first time in eight years.  I’m a little sad about that and will miss hearing, “Mom” at work or peeking into their classroom to see how they are doing, and getting those wonderful updates from their teachers on what happened in class today.   I think going back to school is going to be harder on me this year then on them.  My two are growing up and moving on…this is their first step in leaving me behind.  sniff-sniff.  😦

I am very excited for them both and know they’ll have a fantastic year.  I am also looking forward to their journey as they make new friends, hang out with old friends, and just enjoy being teenagers.  (but don’t forget your mom back in elementary please). ha!

Tonight, it’s all about picking out clothes, getting the nails polished, figuring out morning shower schedules, chatting & texting one last time about tomorrow and making sure all of the school supplies are in the backpack.  In a house full of girls, this can be exhausting.  You want to look just perfect on your first day of school.  Nate isn’t participating in this ordeal.  He’s just found his comfy chair and will be reading and ignoring us all night.  Probably best.  He’ll just ask me later, “okay, so what time in the morning do I get the shower?”  We’ve got him covered too.

I hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend.  Now, I must get to bed, for I have an early appointment in the morning.

Kelly & Kira leave their footprint on the beach~



  1. I am so glad that Meg wanted to do something fun on her last day of summer vacation,because we got to come join you.Perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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