School is in Session

A great group of girls!

We woke today to the sound of big, yellow school buses driving up and down the streets, making stops at all the corners.  Ah, the beginning of a new school year has begun and we are all off to a great start.  The girls each had on their new “first day of school” shirts, Kelly had freshly painted nails, and Megan had a little “bling” going on with her silver necklace.    We all got up on time, took our showers, had some breakfast and then it was time for friends to start ringing our doorbell.

Kelly’s “pencil” nails. So cute!

This year we have some new girls walking to school.  Megan, Rebeccah and Kristin walked together last year and will do that again this year.  Kelly is walking with her friends Lauren and Kyra.  They all meet at our house around 8:00, then walk together to the Junior High…well, the older girls of course, are in the front, leading the way.

Before they could leave this morning, I did manage to get my “first day of school” photo of each of them.  I have to keep my school albums up-to-date for that big graduation party in 12th grade.  It’s fun to see how they’ve grown from year to year.  I have to keep backing up when I take the photo because they are so tall now.  I remember those kindergarten photo’s where I’m practically two inches away from them just to get their whole body in the frame. Ha!   Not any more~

Our 7th grader~

Both girls had a great day and are happy with their classes.  Kelly had a little trouble with her locker and getting to open, but that’s pretty typical for the 7th graders.  She’ll eventually figure it out and make it to class on time…without the help of a teacher or student opening it for her.  Ha!

Megan is taking an AP class this year.  AP stands for Advanced Placement.  It is a social studies class that will count as a college credit. So it is a very important class with lots of homework, she’s told.  She will take this test up at the high school in May.  Each year she will take one AP class from now until her senior year.  They will include:  social studies, math, language arts and science.  This will be a huge accomplishment for her and will save time and money towards her college.   School has become very important now that she’s entered 9th grade/high school.  She’s a great student and will do well.

Our 9th grader~

My first day back went very well too.  We only have 10 kids in our program this year (so far) and four of them will be Kindergarteners.  These kids don’t start until Thursday, so we have a two-day grace period or as we call it, “quiet time.”  Once these little people arrive, we will have them all day.  This is the first year our district has offered all-day kindergarten.  It’ll be interesting having that many, so young in our program.  But we’re hoping for a wonderful, delightful year (and nap time).

That’s about it for the first day.  One down, 170-some days left until summer vacation.  lol!

Have a great day girls!

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