MOCA Ovarian Cancer Walk

Beccah, Megan & Kelly in front of the MOCA float.

This morning was the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) walk for cancer.   This is an event that I have been doing with my friend Sue, for 13 years now.  Sue was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, 14 years ago.  She is very active in the MOCA cause and it’s a cause that I support with her as well.

This year my friend Sheri and her daughter, Rebeccah joined us in the cause.  Sheri’s grandmother died from ovarian cancer back in 1976, so she had asked to be a part of this day along with many others.  I hope it becomes an annual event for her as well.  It was fun having those two with us.

The event takes place each year at Rosland Park in Edina.  When Sue and I did the very first walk, there was probably about 100 people total that walked.  We were able to drive right into the parking lot, get our t-shirts and start walking.  Things are much different now and we have to park about four blocks away at Southdale Mall.   We teased Sue and told her that our walk to and from the car is longer than the entire 2K walk!  ha~

The Annual Silent No More Walk/Run for Ovarian Cancer is MOCA’s largest fundraising event of the year, and it has the most participants of any of their events. It is always held in September, which is national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Love seeing all these people!

Since 1999, MOCA has awarded more than $3 million for ovarian cancer research in Minnesota, thanks in a large part to the success of the Silent No More Walk/Run.

Each year, thousands turn up at Rosland Park (near Southdale in Edina) to raise funds for ovarian cancer research, raise awareness and education of the disease, and give support and hope to women and their families touched by ovarian cancer.

Speaking of families…Sue’s family has also been there all 13 years.  Her sister Jill, her mom and dad, and of course, Tom and the boys were all walking with us today.

Sue & Jill relaxing afterward.

Their newest member of the family also joined us and entertained us for our walk.  Sully, their 6 month old yellow lab.  He’s adorable and seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight.  He was trying to eat everything and anything that was within reach.  He seems to like bagels and bananas…especially the ones that were in little Jake & Sam’s hands.

He sat nicely for his picture.

Sue and Tom’s boys…Sam and Jake are now seven years old and are in 2nd grade.  They are such fun boys and are so enjoyable to be around.  They are very polite, smiley guys who really like hanging out together.  As we were walking around our path, they would wonder ahead or off to the side and just walk together, side by side.  It must be a twin thing.  Very cute!

Jake & Sam supporting their mom~

Walking with Grandma. Sweet~

I love doing this event each year, not only for the awareness but just for the love and support that you see out there.  It is amazing how many people make their own t-shirts, banners, signs, outfits, and many more things just to honor family members & friends who have had ovarian cancer and many that are walking in honor of someone they have lost.  It’s a feel-good deed that I’m happy to be a part of and proud of my girls for coming with me each year for Sue and her family.  And now, I have Sheri to thank as well.  What a fabulous way to start our day.

Our girls group: Sheri, Megan, Me, Sue, Kelly, Jill, Rebeccah.

Celebrating 14 years…cancer-free! Yay Sue!


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