Scrapaholic Weekend

Dawn & I enjoying our retreat.

What a fun weekend I had.  My friend Dawn and I had booked our scrapbook weekend retreat back in the beginning of summer and it has finally arrived.  We both took Friday off from work and headed up to Hinkley, MN, which is about an hour and half north of Burnsville.  It was a beautiful, fall day and as we headed up highway 35, we started noticing the leaves changing color as we neared our destination.  Such a pretty drive, with the sun shining all day long and lighting up the colorful leaves.

We did make a few stops along the way.  We had heard about a scrapbooking store in Pine City, which is about 30 minutes from Hinkley and was very easy for us “scrapper’s” to find.  Pine City is a cute, little town and most everything is on Main Street.  We pulled up to the Pine City Scrapbooking Company and went inside to take a look.  What a great store!  We had so much fun shopping around and even picked up a few items for our weekend retreat.

Our Happy Place!

What to choose!!!

We had one more destination to stop at before getting to our retreat house….the liquor store.  We stopped to get a few beverages for the weekend…just in case we became thirsty.  In we went and came out with two choices that we could enjoy at our convenience.

Okay, I think we’re set for a girls weekend!

Alright, on to the house where it all happened.  This place is called, Emma’s Retreat House.  It is a house that has been converted into a retreat house for anyone that would like to use it.   My Creative Memories Consultant books this house twice a year for her retreats.  It consists of eight bedrooms and 25 beds.  It has a large kitchen and eating area, huge scrapbooking room (which holds 25 tables), a downstairs area with a couch and flat screen tv, and two outdoor decks.   I was a little nervous about the noise level at bedtime, but this house was really well insulated and very quiet if you were trying to sleep and others were still scrapbooking well into the wee-hours.

Front view of the Emma House

Back view

Cute, comfy porch which is perfect for relaxing & taking in the fall colors.

View of the backyard. Fall is on it’s way!

Now let me take you on a tour of the inside of the Emma House.  As I said before, there were eight rooms in this house.  Two of them were rooms with just two beds in them.  Dawn and I were assigned to one of these rooms, and we absolutely loved our room.  It was very simple and cute and that’s all we needed, because most of the weekend we are working downstairs on our albums and we just need a place to crash when we can’t keep our eyes open any longer.

I’ve always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom! Sweet~

The center of the house is set up for us scrapoholics.  This large room, with many windows, holds 25 large tables so that we each can have our own space and never have to clean up until the weekend is over.  Love, love, love this concept!  Wish I had space at my own house to leave it all out.

Here we are! Women on a mission.

One of the requirements for this weekend retreat, is that you help out with one of the meals.  There are two dinners, two breakfasts, and an appetizer on Saturday afternoon.  Each of us brought along a food item that we chose from a list and six of us are assigned to a meal.  Three will make the meal, and three will do the dishes.  Dawn and I were assigned to Sunday morning breakfast dishes.  It’s a nice little system that works out well for everyone with no complaints.  After all, we’re all used to making dinner & doing dishes anyway.  Nothing new here.  ha~

Kitchen & Dining area.

Not everyone came to scrapbook 24-7.  Some of the gals would go off to their rooms and read, surf the internet, go for walks, go to church, or if you wanted…you could head downstairs to watch tv, in this very relaxing room.

Didn’t partake in this room. Too much work to be done on my albums.

On Saturday, Sheryl, our consultant, had a drawing for some Creative Memories products.  I was lucky enough to win one of these prizes.  It is a Memory Manager Software package to help keep your photo’s organized, print & store photos, and many other tools to help with my scrapbooking needs.  Very nice gift that I hope to use at some time.  I did, however, have to dance my way up the aisle and do a twirl before I was handed this gift.  These women can be a tough crowd!  ha!   But it was pretty fun~

My lucky day!

Sadly our weekend had to come to an end.  We started packing up our things around mid-day and getting ready to head back home.  It was a hugely successful weekend for me.  I was two years behind on the girls’ school books and I am thrilled to say that by the end of this weekend, I am completely caught up once again.  I completed 67 pages!!!   I am a happy girl~

Overall, Dawn and I agreed, this was a great time and we are hoping to do it again next fall.  The people we met were so wonderful, super nice and we loved hearing and sharing stories with everyone while enjoying one of our favorite hobbies….scrapbooking!

Changing of the seasons~


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  1. I am so impressed 67 pages you really were motivated and no wonder in that beautiful venue.i loved the opened space with plenty of natural sunlight,perfect.looking forward to seeing the books.

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