Kelly’s New Look



Today was an exciting day for Kelly.  She got her braces on this afternoon.   She is supposed to get full-mouth braces but due to her small overbite, she needs to have the top ones on first for awhile and once the overbite is taken care of, they will add the bottom braces.   She didn’t seem too nervous today and was actually somewhat excited.  I think just knowing that her teeth will be nice and straight in the end, is enough to want to get started on the whole process.  She picked cute colors for her bands.  Teal and lime-green.  It’s fun for the girls to choose colors and each time they go, they can switch it up and pick new colors.  Megan does this too.  She still has her top and bottom braces on as well and hoping to get them off this next summer….we’ll see.

While Kelly was at the orthodontist, I left and did a little shopping.  One of the biggest no-no’s  for a person with braces on… is chewy, gooey caramel.  I headed over to our local chocolate factory where they make the best caramel apples this time of the year.  I knew this was a mean trick to play on her, but couldn’t resist the fun.    I bought four big apples and hid them in the back of the truck, so she wouldn’t see or smell them after her appointment.  Once we got home, I tucked them away and kept them safe for dinnertime.   When it was time for dinner, I called her up and had the apple sitting on a plate at her spot on the table.  She wasn’t sure how to react to this.  I thought she’d be screaming at me a little more, but she wasn’t sure if she should be mad at me for doing this, or if it was a funny joke.  She just stared at it.  Oh well, maybe she’ll enjoy it in a couple of days…cut up in small pieces, of course.

How am I suppose to eat this?!

Her mouth is a little sore tonight and she’ll be needing some Motrin for a few days.  To keep her mind off of it, I took the girls out shopping after dinner.  Megan needed a halloween costume, so we headed out to Target and found all the items she had on her list.  Kelly needed a fall jacket and we were lucky there too.  She found a really cute one that will fit into her tiny school locker.  Life is good again and I’m done playing mean tricks…for awhile anyway.  You never when I’ll strike again!



  1. Cathy – I hadn’t seen this sadistic side of you before. Could this be a way to get rid of football angst??

  2. Very cute colors on her braces,now she will need to co ordinate outfits and teeth! Hope her mouth feels better.
    As for you mrs Solberg ,you are very cruel.shame on you!

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