Wicked Wine Party

Spooky Spirits~

Friday night was our 2nd annual HalloWine party.   This year we had a few more guests at the party and it was a wild time…and very loud.    By the end of the night, I barely had a voice.  Gee, you’d think we were a bunch of teenagers!  The guest list included all the EA’s from Hidden Valley, our two new lead teachers and our favorite EA’s from our “sister-school”…Sky Oaks along with our favorite cook who used to work at Hidden Valley but has since transferred to Sky Oaks as well.   All husbands, boyfriends and even brother’s were invited.  Hey, we welcome all…the more the merrier.  Peggy’s brother was in town from New Jersey so we had to show him a Minnesota welcome.  Kelly bumped into him and he spilled his wine on his shirt and onto the floor…oops!   We told him he was officially christened.  ha!  Welcome to Minnesota~

Tom, Jean, Peggy, Dan, and Peggy’s brother Tom…he’s a Devil’s & Jet’s fan, but we still let him come in.

We had a couple of crazy ladies dress up in costume.  One was my friend Becky, who wore her Wonder Woman cape that a teacher made for her, because she is constantly running through the halls.  Haha.  The other, very creative costume was from my friend Sandy.  She had a picture of a hurricane on her t-shirt and leaves in her hair.  Can you guess what she is?

Always making me laugh!

“Hurricane Sandy” and Mary~

We had two other guests that dressed up in their costumes.  They are Heather & Jason’s 6 month old identical twins…Payton & Mallory.  Last year at the HalloWine party, Heather was pregnant, this year they were on a baby’s schedule and had to leave a little early to get them fed and off to bed.  It was fun having little babies here.  They were being passed around to everyone (well, to all the women).

Little Froggie~

Spider woman~

Me, Dawn, and Kim taking our turn holding her.

One of my favorite reasons for having this party is the wonderful food that everyone brings along.  This year we sure had some creative talent.  Elizabeth made a beautifully displayed Pumpkin Patch out of a bundt pan that she sawed in half.  That’s not all, her oven broke down and she had to use her toaster oven to bake the pumpkin breads.  They tasted amazing and were so pretty to look at, that it was hard for any of us to eat one.  I can only imagine what she does with an oven and whole baking pans.

These goodies were filled w/buttercream frosting.

Some other delights at our table were witches fingers, bucket-o-bones, puking pumpkins, graveyards, skeleton cakes and many wonderful dips, and candy corn mixtures .  Take a look~

Laura & Karl showing off their culinary talent.

Sheri’s skeleton cakes~ love it!

Heather’s witches fingers were neat.

Hmmm…we weren’t quite sure what to think of Renee’s “chunky dip”. It may have lacked in visual presentation, but it tasted great! hee-hee

My puking pumpkin was tasty…and gross!

The evening was a huge success and thanks to Kelly’s “special effects”, our house actually looked and smelled a little haunted (and still does).  She was making herself some dinner before our guests arrived and forgot to add the water to her microwave Mac-n-Cheese.  She burnt the crap out of it and smoke was billowing out of the microwave.  I had to get the plate & dish out of the house and onto the deck because it wouldn’t stop smoking.  Nate had to run upstairs and take the fire alarms out before they went off.  Thanks to her, our house was filled with eery smoke and we had all the windows open on a cool, crisp 40 degree evening.  Very haunting!

Trick… or… treat? Only a goblin would eat this~

The rest of the night was spent visiting with our good friends.  I love hanging out with all of these people and working with them each and every day.  We have a good time together and the guys all get along as well.  Such a fun time was had by all.  I’m looking forward to a 3rd annual party next October.

Nick, Nate & Dawn, soon to be attacked by our spider.

Renee, Sheri & I trying very hard to get a good picture. It took three tries. ha~

Elizabeth & Laura hanging out. Elizabeth says she doesn’t drink (note wine glass on plate)

Kevin, Tom & Karl talked a lot about home repair. I didn’t stay long in this group. lol~

As Nate & I started to clean up last night after the party, I found a couple of school pictures hidden around the kitchen.  These are school picture’s of my fellow co-workers.  Turns out they had all brought a picture of themselves to hide somewhere in our house last night.  I found these is such funny places today as I was finishing up the cleaning.  I went to get my coffee cup & there was a smiling face of my friend Jean staring at me inside the cupboard.  How could I not start laughing.  Other’s were found in the silverware drawer, on the piano keys, in light sockets, on Kelly’s computer in her room, and my all time favorite…on the steering wheel of my truck!  Not sure how Laura managed to get out into the garage & into my truck without me noticing any of this.  I was laughing so hard.  What a great plan that they had all pulled off so well.  I now have four pictures of my friend Becky!  Hmm…wonder what I can do with these photos now that I have possession of them.   Oh, I know…I can put them out on to the Internet!  Love you girls~

Sheri, Heather, Becky, Dawn, Renee, Kim & Jean. EA’s unite!

Cheers & Happy HalloWine to you!



  1. Cathy,
    I do remember loving the people who you work with. Makes the days so fun!!!

  2. Super fun party! Thanks! We had so much fun with the pictures! My picture is sooooooo ugly. Don’t do anything with it.

  3. What a great party ,thank you for hosting a wonderful evening .What a hoot we had trying to hide the pictures of us .Jean jumped like a guilty teenager when she thought you had caught her in your cupboard.fun fun fun ! Love all the photos .

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