Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween festivities began on Sunday when we realized we hadn’t carved our pumpkins yet.  We had to break tradition this year when it came to carving.  We have always set up the pumpkins on the kitchen table and we all “design” together.  This year, due to homework, we all carevd at different times and Megan didn’t get to hers until Tuesday night.  She’s such a good student!  We did let them take breaks to come look at mine and Nate’s jack-o-lanterns.   We thought it would be a good motivator to finish up.  ha~   I took pictures of all of us and we think they turned out pretty neat this year, even though we did them separately.   I went first on Sunday afternoon.  I am the least artistic of the family, so I always go searching for help.  I googled ‘happy halloween faces’ and found a simple, yet cute one that I could handle carving.

I like it!

Trying to imitate Megan.

Nate was the second one to carve his pumpkin.  He wanted to do a scary one this year, so he too, went to the internet for some creative ideas.  I had to laugh when I came to take pictures of him.  Sitting on the table next to his pumpkin, was his phone…propped up with a photo of the face he wanted to carve.  Technology has definitely been incorporated into our halloween.  Nate rarely draws on his pumpkin, he’s pretty good at just free-handing it, but this year I noticed him drawing a few details.  Of course, his isn’t quite as simple as mine.

Working hard to scare us~

Nate is as orange as his pumpkin. oops, my fault with the flash.

Kelly got to her pumpkin late Sunday night.  She wanted to do it earlier, but her mean parents made her finish her math first.  She didn’t want to wait until Monday, so off she went.  She too, went to the internet by getting her computer out and looking up Disney characters.  She had her mind set on Mickey Mouse or Tigger.  She drew them both out on paper, then ended up with Tigger.  I was a little worried that this had so much detail, but she assured me that it wasn’t a problem.  I forget that my kids are much more talented than me.

Working the knife!

Who needs paper anymore?

He’s so cute!

I’m going to eat these seeds!

Okay, our final pumpkin carver is Megan.  As I said earlier, she carved on Tuesday.  She was the only one who didn’t have an electronic device nearby the knife.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do this year and then came up with a cute idea.  Sort of the “Home Alone” face, I call it.  Hands on the cheeks and mouth open.  It turned out great.  I love the hands and she added a cute bow on the top of the head.  She said she accidently stabbed her knife in the top and needed to cover it up.  Wow Megs!  When college time comes around, I will steer her away from being a surgeon.

Is that the correct way to hold a knife? Yikes!

Goop makes my hands soft~

A perfect pumpkin~

Once all of our pumpkins were carved, it was time to light them up!  This is our favorite part of halloween (well, the candy is good too).   Nate got out the tripod and it was family photo time.  We had a lot of fun posing for these.   I won’t post them all, but we did got some good ones and some not so good ones.  Most importantly, we had a lot of laughs.

love the reflection on the table.

We’re scarier than our pumpkins!

Tonight it’s halloween and our girls are once again out with their friends doing a little trick or treating.  This is the first year that Nate and I are both home handing out candy.  It’s a bit strange~   Kelly dressed as a Pink Crayon.  She and her friend Sammy, both have crayon costumes.  Sammy came over early so they could get ready & have some dinner before going out.

I have crayons in my bathroom.

Megan dressed up as Puss-n-Boots.  They both look great and I am still waiting for them to return.  Megan said she was just going to go out for a little while tonight.  It’s been two hours!  Kelly said that she would be home early as well, because she and her friends want to do some hanging out afterwards.  Oh yeah?  She too, is going on two hours.  I think they’ve forgotten it’s a school night.

Eskimo Kirstyn, Pink Crayon Kelly, SuperGirl Krya w/Super Dog Jasper, and Purple Crayon Sammy.

Katie, Noelle (super scary), Megan & Kristin, stopped by for a photo.

Puss-n-Boots Megan, Red Riding Hood Beccah, Ganster Emily, and Alice in Wonderland Kristin.

The doorbell hasn’t rang in over 45 minutes, so I guess that means the end of another Halloween.  Kelly is now home with her girlfriends and they are warming up with a cup of hot cider, chatting about their night and eating some of their treats.  They had a successful night out and lots of fun.  The weather wasn’t too bad either…typical late October chill in the air, but that’s part of Halloween here in Minnesota.

Fingers, toes and noses need warming up~

Time for this goblin to get to bed.  Tomorrow is always a tough day at school because the kids are still on a sugar high, lack of sleep and just plain crabby.  Oh wait, that’s us teachers!  ha~

Happy Halloween Everyone!



  1. Love this blog! It was so fun to read and the pictures are great! Can’t wait for you to scrapbook them. Love love love the pumpkins! We did not carve ours still! We are doing it Friday for the party.

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