Designers For A Day

Megan, Mark & Kelly (my design team)

I wanted to do get out of the house and do something fun today, so the girls and I headed over to Sailer’s Greenhouse to make our outdoor winter greenery baskets.  It’s nice to have some color out front in the wintertime and these decorative baskets are perfect and will last until spring.   I called ahead to make sure Mark or Peggy would be there to help us and luckily Mark was available and told us to come on over.

 The first step to our winter planters, is putting the green branches in.  This is Mark’s job because he gets all the soil in the pot, waters it and then uses his cutters to cut each branch to make sure they are even.  He then fills up the baskets and we take it from there.

Mark puts in the basics.

While Mark is busy with the branches, the girls and I wander around the greenhouse, looking through all the many ideas of “fillers” to add to our baskets.  There is so much to choose from!

I like the red sticks! They’re called, Dogwood.

Kelly thought this dried mushroom was neat.

The girls found some dried Hibiscus.

Hydrangea’s are so colorful!

Then we found some really fun stuff that Mark & Peggy wanted us to try.  They were looking for our reaction.  It had nothing to do with planters.  We were their guinea pigs for gift ideas.  Ha!

These are awsome!

Megan saw snowmen and Kelly saw reindeer!

These are 3D glasses that you wear and when you look at christmas lights, it turns them into snowmen or reindeer.  It has a halo affect.  Super cool~  We want some!!  They only had these two pair, so we recommended they order more.  Big sellers!  Great stocking stuffers and don’t we all look great in 3D glasses?  haha

Back to our work…the girls found all of their fillers and accessories and it was time to put it all together.  They carefully planned where they put their sticks, pinecones, and twirly pieces. (my technical terms drove Mark crazy)

Floral designer at work!

Work it Megan!

Jake was excited to see us at the beginning but got bored with our designer talk.

In the end, we have two beautiful displays to place out front.  Such a fun day as always.  We love hanging out with Mark & Peggy at the greenhouse.  Mark says I’m not much help and he’d have to personally fire me, but the girls have talent and he’d hire them.  Oh well, I’m a photographer anyway!

Love these!

Once we got home, it was time to place the planters in our urns out front, by our garage, and see them displayed.  Jazz was immediately on the scent and had to check out our newest additions.

You can’t get anything past Jazz!

They’ll even be prettier with snow on them.

So now we’re set for the winter season and making our outdoors look fabulous.  With our Christmas lights reflecting off of the snow, these will make the holidays that much brighter.

No snow yet!



  1. Wow, those arrangements are beautiful! When I see you, remind me to tell you what I did for out front of our Monticello house.

  2. What a talented family you are.
    love the glasses want some,they will be perfect for our tree lighting ceremony later this month.

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