Thanksgiving Night~

Nate’s décorative platter.

What a wonderful family gathering we had last night at the Solberg home.  Our Thursday started out with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures and a house smelling of stuffing and warm turkey.  Nate was in the kitchen, cutting up onions and celery  around mid-morning and making a mess of the kitchen, but that’s what it’s all about.  I snuck in to take this photo when he wasn’t looking.

The chef at work~

While Nate was working on the food, I was getting one of our tables ready for the feast.  I say “one” table, because this year we had 16 people coming over and needed to use my scrapbook table as our other seating spot.  It worked out great and I have to thank both my brothers for helping me set that up, later in the day while everyone was here.  We just moved some living room furniture and fit it in.  No problem at all!

Seating for 8!

Around 4:00, everyone started to arrive and the appetizers were amazing!  Greg & Terry were in charge of these and they did not disappoint.  Terry made an apple/cheese dip that was warm and wonderful.  She also brought a sweet/spicy cream cheese dip and a tray of  pinwheels with three types of fillings.  Delicious!

Pretty platter~

Love the cracker tray~

Daniel, Terry & Evan. Family photo time~

We were super impressed with Greg’s appetizers too.  He made asparagus spears, red pepper & Havarti cheese wrapped in ham and tied them with a piece of chive!  He made 50 of them and they were absolutely wonderful!  Thank you Greg & keep on watching the Food Channel!   ha~

Look at this display!

Seaton, Anthony, Megan & Kelly getting something to eat.

Fun to catch up with Courtney, our college girl.

Kinsey & Grandpa…always together.

Kinsey & Jazzy became fast friends.

We think Nate & Zach called each other & planned shirts.

Once everyone had arrived & the appetizers were being eaten, it was time for my contribution.  I found a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Martini’s that I thought would be fabulous for Thanksgiving.  Nate helped me make these up ahead of time (because it required too much math for me) and I had a pitcher ready to pour for us girls.   I have to say, they were delicious and really did taste like pumpkin pie!

Terry & I enjoying our festive drinks~

Lindsey & Zach were in charge of rolls or bread.  But they also brought something interesting…Sour Apple Pucker and Apple Martini mix.  Both are quite green and when I saw this on our island, my first reaction was to say…”who brought mouthwash?”  Ha!  I’m not kidding, I thought it was a bottle of Listerine or Scope.  We got a good laugh out of this and Anthony told me that Lindsey got this as her Secret Santa gift at their grandma’s, earlier in the day.  She was trying to get rid of it at our house.  No way was that staying here.  Anthony was kind enough to take it when he left.  Nice try Linds.

Mouthwash for Thanksgiving?

We actually had something even stranger than mouthwash brought over this year.  Both Terry & Sandra brought deer hearts.  Yep, I really mean it.  Kelly gets extra credit in her science class if she brings in a deer heart.  Since it’s deer hunting season here in Minnesota, it wasn’t that hard to get them.   Kelly didn’t even want to touch the bag, but I told her we had to get this documented as the weirdest item brought to a Thanksgiving dinner.   Sandra wrote “deer heart” on her bag.   Thank you ladies…Kelly already has an “A” in this class, but you never can have too much extra credit!   She’ll have to let you know how the dissection goes.  ick~

Thankfully they are frozen. Gross!

On to dinner…Nate finished carving the bird and I helped get all of his wonderful dishes out onto the island, where everyone was able to see and smell the feast.  We decided to serve Buffet-Style this year, because we weren’t sure how to pass amongst two tables.

It looked so nice spread out on the island~

Everyone grabbed a plate and found their seat (which we had name cards out) and once all seated, Nate did a nice Thanksgiving toast, we clinked our glasses and it was time to eat.  I was amazed at how well it all worked.  I loved seeing this many family members all in our house at once.  Of course, we missed the ones that couldn’t be with us, but we did call and chat awhile and wished them a happy holiday too.

This was the best I could do, sorry Greg.

Our newest member of the family enjoyed some Cheerios at Thanksgiving.

When dinner was over, we still had one more thing to celebrate….Jim’s 50th birthday!  We cleared the dishes and brought out this gorgeous Black Forrest birthday cake that they had ordered from Taste of Scandinavia.  Wow, was this a tasty cake!  We sang to Jim and he blew out his candles to make it official.  We also presented him with a gift card to Crave restaurant, which he was thrilled to get and said that he’d never eaten there before.   I’m sure he will enjoy a night out with Sandra at Crave.

50 is nifty!

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I think we threw a pretty good party and our guests seemed to enjoy themselves as well.  Next we will move on to the Christmas holidays and as I said at the beginning of my blog, our day started out warm and sunny.  By the time everyone was leaving, the winds picked up, the temperature dropped and snow was starting to fall.  It was as if we flipped the calendar to December and fall is over and we have moved on to winter.   Wednesday night, we were sitting outside enjoying a bonfire and 60 degree weather.   Here’s what it looks like today.  Well, I guess it’ll help get us in the mood for putting up the Christmas tree!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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