Our DIY Wreath

Christmas Elves~

As we were putting up our christmas decorations, I told the girls that this year we have to make a new wreath for above the fireplace.  Last year our stockings were hung by the chimney with care… and a fall wreath!  It just looked wrong, so I set off to Michael’s to buy some supplies and Kelly and I went to work last night, like little elves.

So much to choose from!

Kelly looked up wreath ideas on the internet, so that I’d have a little idea of color and style that we wanted to go with.  I found what we were looking for and headed back home to unload all of the supplies onto our “craft table.”

Looks like a project!

Kelly was in charge of taking off all of the price tags and I started cutting the wires from the stems.  She was doing great, but I needed help.  My little scissors weren’t much help for cutting wires, so I called in Nate for back-up.  He went out to the garage and brought in his bolt cutter.  That things is huge, but it did the job.   He’s so weird sometimes…I mean, creative.  ha~

Too funny!

Muscle building activity.

Once everything was cut up, Kelly and I started placing the items on the wreath and designing it, how we thought would look best.  This was really fun and she had some good ideas.

Possibly a florist in our future?

All-right, everything is set up where we want it, now it’s time to bring out the hot glue gun and let the fun begin!  Kelly started with the greenery first and my job was to tack it down and burn my fingers on the glue.  If you’ve worked with hot glue, you know what I’m talking about.   Next Kelly worked on the poinsettias.  My job was to pull off the strings of glue that kept attaching to the pretty red flowers.  Again with the glue!

Such talent~

Love these gold balls she added for a little “bling!”

Since we only had one glue gun working, my job got a little boring and Kelly pretty much took over the project and that was fine.  She was doing great and still needed me a little…to rotate the wreath!  ha!   I sat back and enjoyed the smell of the scented pinecones that we added while watching her progress.

Okay, I’ll just sit back & watch the florist do her thing.

Our wreath project took us about an hour to put together from start to finish.  Our total cost to make it, was about $25.oo!  In the store, this size wreath would cost about $75.00, so in the end, we saved a bunch and had lots of fun designing & putting it together.

Project complete~

Our last step to put it up in it’s new place, above the fireplace and see how it looks.  We weren’t disappointed and love how it looks.  This Christmas, we will hang out stockings with care with a nice holiday wreath surrounding them.


Let the holidays begin!



  1. You Minnesota elves are pretty crafty! Nice work. BTW: have you heard one of Santa’s elves has been depressed? He has low elf esteem. Sorry! Brett just sent that one to me. Jere

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