Winter White


It is officially winter, here in Burnsville, MN.   The snow started coming down after midnight last night and hasn’t stopped.  As I write this, it is 7:00 p.m. and it has tapered off some, but we can still see some flakes under the lights.   It was the first big snow of the season and as always, it was such a pretty snowfall.  By March, the snowfall becomes ugly and unwanted, but for now, we are enjoying it and love how it decorates the outdoor trees.

Done grilling for awhile~

Done grilling for awhile~

The snow rarely stops us Minnesotans from our daily activities.  Megan and Kelly both had games today and unfortunately they were at the same time, so Nate and I had to divide and concur.  He took Kelly out to Kennedy High School in Bloomington, for her basketball tournament.  Yesterday we watched her team win one and lose one, so today they played for third place and they beat their opponents quite well, with a winning game of 40-13.   Yay Burnsville Blaze!

What a great group of girls!

What a great group of girls!

I went to Megan’s soccer game at our local indoor soccer dome.  They played a tough team that was a little rough and pushy, but our Burnsville Bandits were up for the challenge and beat them 4-2.  I didn’t take any pictures because these girls run way too fast for me to get a good shot.   It was a fun, fast paced game that I really enjoyed watching.

After the games, it was time to drive back home.  This wasn’t an easy task.  Because of all this snow, the roads were very slippery.  I put on my breaks to slow us down to make the turn into our neighborhood, and Megan and I just slid right on past.  We laughed and Megan says, “Oh well, we’ll take the scenic route home.”  Just had to go another block and turn around and come from the other direction, which wasn’t down hill.   Just glad I slid straight and stayed on the road.

It’s always fun letting Jazz out for the first snowfall of the year.  She has no idea what she’s in for until it’s too late.  Always amusing to us every winter.  Can you imagine what she’s thinking?  haha   She always starts out energetic but quickly comes back to the door and to the warmth of the house.  She did go out with Nate this morning to help shovel…well, to run around while he shoveled.

Hiding under the tree to keep from getting snow on her.  ha!

Hiding under the tree to keep from getting snow on her. ha!

With all of this snow coming down, being inside is always so comforting.  I decided to make a pot roast that simmered in the oven for nearly three hours.  The house smelled so wonderful while it slowly cooked.   I hung out in the kitchen area and worked on our christmas cards while playing christmas music in the background.   It was the perfect activity for a snow day.  Listening to the music while watching the snow come down was something you only see in the movies…but it happened here today.  The only thing I was missing, was some hot chocolate!


When I finished the cards, I realized that so much more snow had fallen.  Our poor little deer out front were getting covered.  At least now we won’t see all of their cords on the lawn.  They do look good all lit up tonight with that little “sparkle” on top.


It has a been a wonderful day, even though we’ve gotten 12  inches of snow!  It was bound to happen and now all of those skiers will be happy to get out and enjoy it.  Personally, I’d rather be sitting in this chair, enjoying a bonfire.

I think Nate can put this away now.

I think Nate can put this away now.

Oh, did I mention that the Vikings beat the Bears today?!

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter!



  1. It was a great snow day! Loved it! Now if we can get this to happen on a school day. We have not had a snow day for a long time.

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