Our Day at Urgent Care

Our day started out with a scare this morning.  Megan came down the stairs crying, shaking, and telling me that she can’t breathe.   Not a good way to start your Friday.  We had her sit in a chair and Nate tried to calm her so we could get her to breathe while I got dressed and ready to take her to Urgent Care to have her looked at.   We arrived  15 minutes before it opened, but were allowed to sit in the waiting room.  Megan was still having a hard time breathing and was very dizzy by this point.  The receptionist walked in from the parking lot and I waited about one minute (let her get her coat & mittens off) before walking over to her and telling her that my daughter is having a hard time breathing.  She told me the doctors aren’t hear yet, but then took us in and had me start filling out paper work.  Such nice ladies to start their day before office hours.  While I was filling out papers, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Megan was starting to sway back and forth.  The receptionist and I both said, “get a nurse!”  Immediately, one showed up with a wheelchair and they whisked her away into a room.  I had to stay and finished those super important insurance papers.  ugh~   Once I finished, the gal told me to go back and Megan should be in the first room on the left.  Guess what?, Megan was no where to be found.  I walked around, peeking in all these rooms and nobody was around.  Had to go back out to the lobby and the gal says, “oh, didn’t you find her?”    Nope!  She felt bad and took me back there again and we both started looking.  Turns out she was in the “Oxygen room” with the door nearly closed.  The doctor says, “Oh, there’s Mom.”  Nice, next time don’t leave me out in the lobby, people!

Now the process got underway and Megan’s heart rate was way, way up.  They covered her with warm blankets and told her that they are going to start doing a bunch of tests…starting with drawing her blood.  Megan does not do well with needles and I was watching the heart rate monitor.  As the needles came near her, wow did her numbers go up!  We got a little laugh out of Megs but then the tears were streaming as the needle went in and it was Mom to the rescue and by her side so that she could squeeze my hand all she needed.  She made it through that one, but there were many more ahead.  They felt she was probably dehydrated, so they put her on an IV.  It took them four tries, in four different spots before getting that IV to stay in.  That was awful to watch and the nurses felt horrible.  Megan was a mystery to them on why it wouldn’t stay put.  They apologized to her many times and told her she did great in all this confusion and mess.  I was getting light headed and was hoping to not see any more blood.  She was dotted with cotton balls by the end of the day.  ha~

Hard to see my baby hooked up to this.

Hard to see my baby hooked up to this.

We waited for tests upon tests to come back and Megan was getting really uncomfortable on that hard table with the crunchy paper under her, but managed to doze off here and there.  I thought she was getting better but then she awoke in a lot of pain in her stomach.  We had the doctor come back in and when Megan showed her where the pain was, she was concerned that it was her appendix.  Who knew!   So then it was going to be another test, only this one would be a scan.   In order to do this scan, she needed to drink an ungodly amount of liquid in a certain time frame….about an hour.  Well, that didn’t go so well.  I could only get her to drink about half of what they wanted, but they said it should be enough and we’ll take her anyway.  So off we went in the wheelchair (for the second time) down to radiology.  Our first experience in the wheelchair, didn’t go so well.  As most of you know…I’m really not the “nurse-type” and my driving of this vehicle wasn’t so great either.  First of all, I was shocked that I had to take her all the way to radiology alone.  I said, “Really, a nurse doesn’t do this?”  They looked at me and said, “No, you’ll be fine.  Do you know where it is?”  Okay, so we were out the door, through the lobby of waiting patients, down the hall and to the elevators.  When the door opened, I wasn’t quite quick enough and we missed our chance and watched as the door slowly closed on us.  Megan just says, “Oh Mom.”  oops~  Okay, so I’m ready for the next one and we drive right in like pros.  Second time at radiology was a piece of cake!  I whipped her right through those lobby doors, waved at the patients waiting, and chose my elevator proudly!  Megan was proud of me at this point.   Notice my coat hanging on her chair?  Well, apparently that hook was for IV’s not a coat rack.  Another oops for Mom.  ha~

Megan’s first ride in a wheelchair ever.

Megan’s first ride in a wheelchair ever.

Once we arrived at radiology, we got to see this cool machine that Megan gets to lay down at.  I know you aren’t suppose to have your phones on, but I couldn’t resist a picture of this monster machine.  So when the lady left to get some more papers for me to sign, I grabbed my phone out of purse and snapped a quick one.  Okay, maybe I’m the sick person here, rather than Megan.  But I loved sitting back in the control room watching how it all worked.  Technology stuff is so cool~  Way better than that dumb wheelchair.

The awesome scanning machine!

The awesome scanning machine!

Once we arrived back up her room, Megan could rest awhile again, while waiting for the radiologist to read her scan then send the results up to the doctor.  What they found wasn’t her appendix at all, she had a ruptured ovarian cyst with fluid in her pelvis.  Yikes!  We weren’t expecting that news.  On the positive side, we weren’t heading off to the hospital for surgery on the appendix.  That wouldn’t have made for a fun Christmas at all, but we did have some answers.   The doctors believe this will just dissolve in her body and she will be pain-free in a few days.  For now she is resting,  taking Motrin to keep ahead of the pain, and watching movies on our new big screen tv.  Life isn’t so bad anymore.   This morning at the Urgent Care, she wanted  me to ask if they could just give her something to knock her out until the pain went away.  My brave girl~

I know some people think I’m a bit crazy that I would blog about this event, but as I said earlier…maybe I’m the sick one after all.  ha~  I just wanted to show everyone, that even in a dismal situation, we made the best of it and can laugh a little, now that’s it over.  On our way home, I looked over at Megan and said to her, “Thanks for spending six hours with me today.  Let’s do something more fun next time for Megan & Mom time.”   She agreed.

What really has made Megan smile, has been all the well-wishes she’s has gotten all day long.  The entire staff at Hidden Valley has heard about this, thanks to my wonderful friends that I work with.   Even the gym teacher has a soft spot for Megan and said he’d say a little prayer for her.  I read her my texts throughout our day.   Tonight, one of her best friends, Beccah, stopped by with a little gift that cheered her up and made that smile reappear.  Only a good friend could go out and buy this.  She knows Megan so well.    Love it!  We have the greatest neighbors~  Thank you Smith’s for making us feel special.  We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Dalmation footie pajamas with a hood!

Dalmation footie pajamas with a hood!



  1. I am so relieved Megs is ok! Next time, do me a favor and go to the E.R. at Fairview instead of Urgent Care. It’s open 24/7 and you wouldn’t have had to drive your own wheelchair there- I promise! Loved that you used it as a coat rack- ha! ha!

  2. Megan you gave us a scare,you are so brave ,you too Cathy.Cathy ,still can’t believe you took photos and the wheelchair is not a coat rack ladies,no wonder you had issues steering it into the elevator.

  3. Cathy, I had that once and it was excruciatingly painful until it burst. Bizarre thing… last weekend my niece stayed with us for four days with the very same thing. Her’s hasn’t burst yet but the swelling is down. So grateful Megan is on the mend! Love the pajamas!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a day you girls had. You are so funny Cathy, I can’t believe Megan let you take pictures.. I am so glad you are starting to feel better Megan, not a fun day for you!

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