Activities Aplenty~

My weekend is winding down and I’m enjoying my lounge chair, blanket, computer and the Wild game.  We had another one of those crazy, busy weekends that keeps us running around Burnsville like a taxi service.  Our Saturday morning was fun and the entertainment came to us…in the form of a one year old.   Lindsey came over to pick up a wagon that we offered her and she brought Kinsey along too.

Love that hat~

Love that hat~

She sure kept us busy the entire time.  She doesn’t go down stairs yet, so we really had to watch her closely to avoid any accidents or tumbles.  She loved following Jazz all over and squealing at her every chance she got.  I would pick Kinsey up and we’d chase Jazzy, and she would let out the cutest laugh.  Jazz just wanted to get away from this little body that kept throwing plastic toys at her and poking her in the nose.  She found her ammo in the grocery cart.

She quickly found the toys.

She quickly found the toys.

Found the xBox controller. She'll be a gamer soon!

Found the xBox controller. She’ll be a gamer soon!

Jazz did a great job of taking all the abuse while still staying gentle to Kinsey.  I finally let her off the hook and sent her outside to play.  She was okay with that and a treat after they left.  She deserved it.

Jazzy's thinking bubble: "please let me out!"

Jazzy’s thinking bubble: “please let me out!”

Saturday night was the final night of the musical.  I signed up to volunteer that night and I got to peek in and watch most of it and see a little behind the scenes drama from some of the cast and crew.  It was interesting.  Greg, Nicole and her daughters came out to see it.  They were really impressed with Suessical and Greg came up to me at the concessions during the intermission and says, “How old are these kids?  This is amazing.  They are so good.”  I knew they’d enjoy it.  There’s a lot of talent at this school.  So glad they got a chance to see it and Kelly loved having her uncle there.  Thanks Greg & Nicole for making the drive over.


After the show ended, Kelly went to the cast party, which was held at the Student Director’s house.  They had  food and drinks for them and just a chance to unwind after all their hard work, which started back in January.   Sad to see it end, but happy to have had a chance to see it a couple of times.  We bought the CD, so we can enjoy it anytime…and plan on showing it to Grandma and Grandpa this summer.

The entire cast~

The entire Suessical cast~

Today is Daylight Savings Time and Kelly and I sprung into our Sunday by heading over to Sam’s Club in Shakopee, early this morning.  She and her Girl Scout Troop had set up a cookie booth that they worked at for a couple of hours.   The only downfall to this, was that they had to be set up outside!  Brrr…it was cold and windy this morning, around 37 degrees, but they hung in there and sold 36 boxes of cookies.  Great job girls!  Tomorrow night is my night to help out at the cookie booth.  I got lucky, my table will be set up inside at Rainbow Foods, in Savage.  ha~

The girls lined up their boxes in rainbow order.

The girls lined up their boxes in rainbow order.

Nate did his own “springing” event this morning.  He went over to our local golf dome and played a round of golf with some buddies of his on the “golf simulator”.   Wish I had some pictures of this, because they were also enjoying beverages at 10:00 am!!!  Not his typical Sunday morning affair, but fun to do every now and then.  Here in Minnesota, it feels good to swing a golf club in March.  Now that’s spring fever boys!

Our last event of the weekend, was to attend Kelly’s basketball banquet.  This is always a fun event and a very family oriented night.  The girls are asked to dress-up for this and it’s always fun to see them this way because we only see them in ponytails and jersey’s each week.  Some of the girls we don’t even recognize with hair down and even a little make-up on.  They look beautiful.  It’s a potluck style dinner that the entire family’s invited to.   There are a few awards given out, gift certificates to the coaches and then a raffle.  They keep it to an enjoyable  two-hour event.  The basketball season has come to an end.

Game time apparel~

Game time apparel~

What they really look like~

What they really look like~

If you’re wondering where Megan has been all this weekend, she’s been here entertaining her friend Courtney.  Courtney’s family went to a cabin this weekend with hockey friends and her brother.  She wasn’t interested in hanging with a bunch of 7th grade boys and their families, so she asked to stay with us for the weekend.  We took her in and they’ve been enjoying movies, Dance Revolution, xBox games and they actually did their homework then headed off to soccer tonight.  Such good girls.

I am now going to finish watching the Wild beat up the Vancouver Canucks.  Sunday night hockey is such a great way to end your weekend~



  1. You always amaze me by how much you can pack in a weekend.
    The play was amazing and I love the big group picture.
    Kelly looks so much older when she is all dressed up! She is beautiful!

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