Another Teenager In The House


Last night, Kelly celebrated her birthday by inviting seven of her good friends (AKA: besties) over for a sleepover party.  They started their evening out by enjoying pizza’s made by Nate.  This has become a birthday party tradition at our house…if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably figured that out.


Not only does he do pizza's, he does balloons!

Not only does he do pizza’s, he does balloons!

Kelly wanted to do something fun this year, so she picked Rollerskating!  After dinner, Nate and I drove the girls over to the roller rink for “Teen Night.”  They skated for three hours (7:00-10:00) and had a blast!   You’re wondering if Nate and I stayed at this loud, stinky, flashing-lights, disco-looking teen facility for three hours?  The answer would be….no.  We stayed for about 15-20 minutes and made sure all the girls had skates on, took a few pictures, told them to enjoy themselves and then we headed back home to assemble the birthday cake.  It was hard to stand there watching people go around and around in circles with blinking lights all around us.  Talk about an easy way to get a migraine!  But they loved every moment of it.  Great idea Kel!

Roller Chicks!

Roller Chicks!

Kirstyn, Lauren & Kyra zipping past me.

Kirstyn, Lauren & Kyra zipping past me.

Cool lights~

Cool lights~

With rollerblades on, she's taller than me.

With rollerblades on, she’s taller than me.

Nate and I had a mission when we arrived home.  I found a really neat Smores cake in my Food Network magazine and Kelly really wanted this for her birthday cake.  It wasn’t that hard to make, but assembling it was a little tricky and I was very thankful to have Nate help me out.   The instructions said to assemble this cake right before serving it, but we thought we could do all but the last step, and then put the ganache (chocolate sauce) on right before serving.  So the cake is sitting on the counter and we are proud of ourselves for putting it all together ahead of time.  We have about a half and hour to relax in the silence of our home before having to pick the girls back up.  We’re reading our emails when Nate looks over into the kitchen and says, “The cake is leaning!”  We run over and found that the marshmallow filling is causing the cake layers to slip and slide off of the plate.  This is a four layer cake.  He tells me to hurry and grab a couple of skewers and he pokes them into the middle to act like dowels and keeps the layers in place.  Meanwhile, the cake itself is starting to crack and split apart.  I was getting so worried that we had ruined it.  We managed to keep it together until the girls arrived back home.  When I picked up Kelly, I told her we had to have cake right away before it falls apart.  We were now calling it the Lava Cake, rather than a Smore.  ha~   It tasted fabulous and I tried to take a picture of its “best side”.  We learned a lesson…there was a reason it said, “assemble right before serving.”   This is why I don’t have my own cooking show yet.  I still have some learning to do.

A giant s'more!

A giant smore!

Eating cake at 10:30 at night, didn’t slow these teenage girls down.  The party continued downstairs with gift opening.  Kelly’s friends bought her some very nice gifts that she will enjoy for a long time.  Jewelry, candy, lotions, gift card and nail polish.  Everything a 13 year old loves.

A variety of goodies!

A variety of goodies!

Kelly loves scarves~

Kelly loves scarves~

Hugs were given out to each friend after she opened their gift.  So sweet~

Hugs were given out to each friend after she opened their gift. So sweet~

My party time had come to an end, but Kelly and friends were just beginning the sleepover portion of the party.  They hung out downstairs, watched some tv, listened to music, talked, talked and talked as girls are equipped to do.  The did a great job of quieting down around 1:00/2:00 a.m. and I slipped off to dreamland with no problem.

This morning, bodies started waking up around 9:30 and they were enjoying donuts and juice around 10:00 before heading back home.  I had to sneak down and get one more photo….

Can you find the floor?

Can you find the floor?

Another birthday party has come and gone and they certainly do get easier, Nate and I have found.  The girls entertain themselves and we are just there to feed them and refill bowls of chips and popcorn.  Pretty simple.  Kelly will officially become a teenager on Wednesday, March 20th.  We are planning on taking her out for dinner to her restaurant of choice.  Will blog again in a couple of days.



  1. Kelly what a great way to celebrate your birthday,the leaning tower of s’mores looked great and sure it tasted wonderful.Enjoy your birthday dinner on Wednesday.

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