Easter Egg Project

Tonight we had some free time (which doesn’t happen very often), so I took out our supplies for egg-dyeing and declared it Easter Egg night!  As you know, each year it is my job to find a new and unique way of coloring our eggs.  I’ve been doing this for years now and thanks to Pinterest, I was able to fulfill my duty once again this year.  Actually, I’ve got us ready for the next three years!  The girls laughed at me when I told them this.  Hey, I like to be organized!

This year, it was a tye-dyed look using shaving cream and food coloring.  The girls sprayed some shaving cream into a bowl, then they put in a few drops of food coloring and swirled it around with their fingers…making sure to keep the swirl and not mix them into one color.  This was the easy part and worked really well and looked super cool.



A dollop of cream!

A dollop of cream!

The next step was to place the egg into the shaving cream mixture and sort of roll it around to get the swirl on the egg.  Then you just let them sit awhile to absorb the dye.

Megan works the swirl. Her shirt matches the theme.

Megan works the swirl. Her shirt matches the theme.

Love these fall colors Megan made.

Love these fall colors Megan made.

They looked like dinosaur eggs to me, with all that shaving cream.

They looked like dinosaur eggs to me, with all that shaving cream.

Kelly, the mixologist.

Kelly, the mixologist.

Here’s where the problem lies….the directions didn’t tell us how long we needed to wait.  So we decided to wait about 15-20 minutes and clean up a bit.  This was a messy project and their hands are proof of this.  ick~

Food coloring really stains badly!  oops~ should've gotten them some gloves.

Food coloring really stains badly! oops~ should’ve gotten them some gloves.

Getting bored waiting...

Getting bored waiting…

Next, it was time to wipe off the shaving cream and hopefully see some cool eggs.  Well, that didn’t happen at all.  All of our eggs turned out pink with a few green ones and no swirls at all!  FAILURE!  They are a pretty shade of pink and green, but it’s just a mystery to us how orange and yellow swirls turned to pink as did blue and purple.   We never saw a picture of a “before & after.”   Now we know why.

Proud of our eggs, darn it!

Proud of our eggs anyway, darn it!

We had  good laugh every time we wiped off the shaving cream, hoping for success, then seeing more pink.  Ugh~  Nate offered to run to the store and get an old fashion egg dyeing kit, but we decided that these were still pretty enough to keep and we’ll still eat them.  After all, it’s not always about the outcome of the product, but rather the process that took place.  It was fun family time as always.

Oh, and one more thing…I will be deleting this from Pinterest.  I hope my next three years of ideas are more successful.  I will let you know~

See, don't they look pretty!

See, don’t they look pretty!



  1. Oh no! I was going to do this on Friday. Thank goodness I follow your blog; now back to pinterest.
    Thanks Cath.

  2. Haha! I like that idea Team Jim Sailer. I had no idea what kind of shaving cream he uses, so we bought the cheapest kind.

  3. I read you were suppose to use vinegar before using the dye and shaving cream to make the egg shell more porous…Then either use a hair dryer on very low or allow to dry….You took the shaving cream off too soon..There are now plenty of pictures and instructions…Maybe try again? I am going to try it..With plastic gloves. after they dry I am going to rub with oil to give them a shine like the old swirl eggs. If this does not work I will go back to hand painting water colors and oiling those….:-)

  4. Let me know how yours turn out. I would love to see them if you get a photo. Thanks for the tip!

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